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This is how i am feeling:

Something must be wrong with me
with all this hurt inside,
always bursting with anger,
and never any pride.

Something must be wrong with me
if all I do is cry,
I can't stop this pain
all I want to do is die.

Something must be wrong with me
if my emotions run wild,
all this confusion does
is make me feel like a lost child.

Something must be wrong with me
with all these terrible things,
always there and never gone
depression is what it brings.

Something must be wrong with me
if I can't stop these thoughts,
all this pain does
is turn my stomach in knots.

Something is truly wrong with me
when I think there's only one way out,
"Let this pain end,"
is all my heart will shout.

I feel like i cant do any think right. even on forums and stuff sorry. I have taken <edit moderator total eclipse method>i feel like i want to take more but i don't know my head is every where.
Sorry if this is fucked up.
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I often wonder if something is wrong with me, or with society, or my family, etc. It is very hard to know for sure, but I really wish I did.

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Hi bambi i am glad you posted here love your poem i can tell it is written from your sadness inside. What is wrong is that your depression is beating you up some and you need to get help okay. Please call crisis line or your doctor let know how much med you took time now to reach out and get help okay for you hugs
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