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Feels like I’m in the beginning of a bad situation.

Just to clarify, my new support worker isn’t great. He’s very hard to communicate with, and he doesn’t understand the true extent of my mental health problems. I’m not a child any more, I’m nearly 20 but it feels like I’m still being treated the same way, the way they treated me when I was under CAMHS. Again, just politely ignoring how unwell I am because I don’t exhibit the signs they were taught at university. My friends didn’t fight to get me sectioned for no reason. My family don’t see how bad it is so I was up to my close friends to step in and try to get me help but i didn’t get the right kind of help back in November, I don’t know how it works but my friends couldn’t watch me bleeding out but nothing happened. I don’t know what I have to do to make things change. Yes the right people are involved now (well almost all the right people) but I wish I knew how to talk to them. My support worker doesnt respond to me often despite saying he was always available. And it’s not like I’ve been constantly trying to get hold of him because that wouldn’t be right. But it doesn’t feel like I’m safe because when I do need his support he’s not there and I’m left on the read which isn’t fair.
I just hope that when all this is over in three weeks I can get some proper contact going, I don’t know quite to describe why I’m so stressed out over it but it just feels so casual and unprofessional the way he talks to me and then I just don’t know what to say to him so I say nothing at all and try to cope on my own which isn’t exactly working.
And now I have no clue what to do about my new prescription because the doctors surgery is shut and I couldn’t phone them. *blub


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i'm sorry that your communication with your support isn't going well. tell him what you said here. also before you meet again write down what you want to talk about. then when you meet look at the list and speak up. sometimes you have to make them listen to you. keep talking here because we do care and we are listening to you. i hope you feel better soon...mike..*hug*console*shake

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