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    Hell!! I just started to get out more and what happens?!
    I was driving to pick my brother up from school so that we could go skating-- which for ME would be the first time in 6 years...
    Anyway; I tend to hallucinate from time to time. Just small things that don't normally affect my reactions much- but it has to do with my sleep deprivation (and lately; the fact that I'm in withdrawal from some meds)
    I was driving down a residential street at a fairly busy time of day and SAW a rather large dog (a great dane or the like-) sprint across the street. I swerved, scared that I might hit it- and smashed into a fence. The car behind me for some weird reason; followed me into the ditch and smashed my rear fender.
    I'm alright, of course. It was a small accident-- but the guy called an ambulance anyways.
    Apparently there was no animal in sight. There wasn't even a FENCE! The fence was something I imagined hitting-- but I actually ran into a snowbank. 0__o
    I've got a small bruise on my face and a sore shoulder from where the seatbelt dug in, but I'm alright.
    The car (my little brother's car, actually.) has very minimal damage. Lucky for me that it's a sturdy old thing! XD
    The retard who followed me smashed in his WHOLE front end!! I don't know how fast he was going in a 50km zone- but I'm pretty sure he was speeding to have hit that hard!

    So needless to say, I'm not allowed driving for the next 30 days.
    Fuck. Just when I started to go out more... now I'm stuck at home again.
    Fucking hell. XD
    My hallucinations are a normal thing for me- so I'm not so worried about them... but I am a bit scared to drive from now on. I'm sure it's bound to happen again... I'm just hoping that it isn't somewhere where I can end up really doing some damage. -___-

    **sigh** cock. :rooster:
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  3. morning rush

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    oh my god! At least you're alright...that's a relief...

    the only hallucination I get is when I'm waking up and I'll see a ghostly spider on the ceiling that dissapears the more I wake up...really weird...but yea...

    did you get a check up? because sometimes it takes a few days before sideeffects happen...
  4. Chargette

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    You did the best thing you could do based on what you saw, real or not. I do, however, wonder about the person who followed you.

    Any chance there is a good bus service where you live?
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    Well, I'm glad that you're ok
  6. KittyGirl

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    lol-- no... there's literally no public transit during the winter. The town doesn't even plow roads aside from the main street. XD
    It's alright though... luckily for me, mom's hours are pretty scarce for the next month- so I can still get around with her if I need to.

    I've got a checkup in the city next week~