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FenderAddict83 aka Kurt

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Hey listen has anyone heard from Kurt lately, it's been at least 3-4 days since I've seen him here or even on the messengers he's on. I'm really worried about him and if anyone has heard anything could you please let either me know or blub. THank you. :hug:
Where the fuck are you?? I'm so fucking worried? Please send me a pm back or something :sad: :hug:


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I pray that he comes back to us, safe and sound. He is dearly loved. I hope your alright mate, I really do.
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Im with u there...im worried also! He's usually always signed in to msn..and hasnt been for days. Maybe hes using this time to sort stuff out for himself...i really hope thats the case! come back kurt!!!!!!!!! :sad:

Sa Palomera

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according to his profile his last activity on SF was 11th March 2007 03:32 AM (GMT+1 that is)

Kurt, mate, if you read this please let us hear from you. We're worried.

Sa Palomera

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last activity still says 11th March 2007 03:32 AM (GMT+1), so he hasn't logged on anymore.

Kurt please let us hear from you..

God I hope he's just lost his internet connection or something like that :unsure:
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