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Ffn new neigbours!!

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I can't take much more, I really can't..
All I want is some peace and quiet!
No more stress..no more!

stupid, arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate disrespectful a***oles!!!
that's what you are!
don't you know it's illegal to burn your rubbish in your back yard and stink the neighbourhood out?..
do you think we want our houses full of stinking smoke?

have you heard of people with asthma and smoke?

do you think we all want to hear your LOUD boring music?
and your ruckus behaviour?
and the crashing of your bottles in the bin every 5 seconds?
and the explosions coming from your bonfire?
Oh haha!! yeah!


Grow up you little *&$#@ and get a concience...
what were your parents thinking buying you a house in this quiet neigbourhood and at your age?
you should be miles outta town where you can't disturb anyone..
Oh but wait you wouldn't be so inconsiderate if they'd taught you manners!

all I want is some peace and respect..
pphht!! you wouldn't know what respect is!!

At this moment in time death is looking bloody wonderful..
even Siberia is looking good right now..

End of rant!!


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thanks Kali...
councel said I should've called fire brigade and they would've prosecuted..
I'll know if there's a next time..
trouble is when you're on your own it's intimidating...can't say anything for fear of reprisals..like with the last neigbours
the neigbours in there before had dogs barking all the time..drove me insane -er :)

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do anonymous call from a payphone next time go out shopping and call from a mall so they don't know it was you who called some people can be so dam inconsiderate hugs to you
I know exactly how it is to have annoying neighbors. Sorry. I hope you can find some peace and that they will start to respect the fact that other people live around them.
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