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It's not enough that I'm miserable and want to die. I also have to be fugly. I hate when people say shit like "omg no you're not" like, did I ask you to invalidate me further? No. Literally lying to my face when I clearly have eyes that can see. Wish I could starve to death. Maybe I will.


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i don't know if youre a so beautiful that you could be a supermodel or your looks are so bad that it could sink ships, but i'll bet it's probably in the middle of the two. all that you can do is to try to look as good as you can and go from there.

looks are also very temporary. the older we get the more of our looks are gone. from what everyone said 40 years ago i was very handsome and could get almost any woman i wanted. today i'm old, overweight and could crack a mirror. what's most important is how good you are inside. your personality is way more important than looks. and even though i could have had a beautiful woman to marry i picked my wife even though she isn't great looking but great looking to me because of the person she is inside and i'm glad i did. just food for thought.



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Eyes and the brain can be very deceiving, and as cold as it may sound, feelings don't say anything about reality (but they are VALID). From all the people who have ever told me that they looked ugly (almost everyone I've met?), I have never found them to be. You don't have to believe me, but I'm honest with myself at least on this one. The vast majority of people who are convinced they're ugly deviate from the "perfect" beauty standard, and apart from some particularly superficial and not-so-bright people, no one would actually find them ugly. I am incredibly sorry for the importance "perfect" beauty has in our society though. Be the change you want to see in the world...

As for your feeling, I do understand it and it is probably one of the hardest beliefs out there to work on and change... but I hope someday you do, because it is possible. Or at least you find a place where appearance doesn't affect your mood and mental state as much.

Also, I find that altering looks by wearing things you really enjoy, that reflect your personality or your interests, or that make you stand out (clothes, makeup, jewelry, hair colour or style, tattoos... if you're into those) has a very positive effect on one's body image and confidence, as well as how people see you, what they focus on.
People are also extremely sensitive to facial expressions (smiling is a big one - unfortunately for me who hates it :p). I once met someone who didn't like his smile, so he would make funny faces for every photo, which reflected his personality as well. It was brilliant.

You don't need any of these to be or feel beautiful, but maybe something will resonate with you and help. Unfortunately for me/us again, confidence is key...
Take good care of your mind and body. *hug

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