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    urggh allll the freaking samee.
    just reminds me soooo much of before.
    amazing how two people can be so much alike.
    well tbf there is a reason but im not getting into that.

    what do i do to people?
    it seems. people decide to depend on me a bit. idk why. but i get a lot of 'youre my life' and stuff. and i have a bit of a problem about not saying no to anyone. and always end up in situations im not comfortable with.
    but yh. suddenly when i do something wrong or thats thought to be wrong. or something fucks up. and im not that person's 'life' anymore....they want to die.
    wonderful. so its made to look like and openly said that it's my fault. lush.
    i'd be so much easier to be hated by people (not everyone just like relationships and shit) than to be loved too much.
    all i ever do is let people down, upset them, apparently make them ill and wreck families. christ. must be pretty talented tbh. :rolleyes:
    but srsly. everyone knows the exact things to say to make me feel bad.

    well well fucking done. you succeed! urgh. fuck off. the entire lot of you. tbh i dont care anymore.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

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    I don't know exactly what's going on but for those people who make you feel this way, they are not worth it. It doesn't make sense how you can be someone's life then from there turn out to be someone's villain. One extreme to another.