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    FFS!! so i called my bank this morning to see what my balance was before i get payed on friday and its negative so much money i cant even bring myself to say it! my computer got a virus the other day and sent out my credit card information!!! They said i bought something at Bestbuy but i havent fucken been there in like a year!!!!!! im so fucking angry right now i cant think straight and im shaking. FFS!!!! what else is gonna go wrong in this fucked up thing we call life????? i cant fucking wait to see what else goes wrong....its gonna be a great fucking day!

    Rant over...sorry
    :i'm sorry:
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    thank you hun :hug:
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    contact the bank immediately

    have them cancel the old card and give you a new one

    then get a list of all the recent charges and challenge them all
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    I contacted them and they refunded like 50 buck....wtf is 50 bucks when i have to pay all this shit!??!? im so mad >.<

    :wub: you stan
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    that's bullshit - challenge them to prove that you actually ordered this stuff - that's what my wife did when somebody stole her card - if they used it in store, challenge the signature - if they used it online challenge the shipping address - you should also get the police involved
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    this sucks major monkey ass...and they said i could challenge them....i havnet even check my balance yet to see how much the refunded me but im guessing its no more than 50 because they are fucked like that. so im not sure if is worth fighting yet...im to scared to check it...and ugh im so fed up with this shit!!! :i'm sorry: