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Hey does anyone have fibromyalgia?

A guy that does DBT therapy with me did research and for some weird reason a great deal of people who have it, have been abused and have depression/BPD or BP....

just wonder, I have it pretty bad.....

My mother-in-law has Fibromyalgia. We are not that close, but there are LOTS of times where she is depressed. I'm thinking depression would be a "side-effect" of Fibro. She is in pain a lot and can't do much. My work makes me feel that way, and I get depressed. She has always been a do it herself-er. She gets depressed when she can't do the things she used to be able to do. I feel for her...and now you as well. Since I've married my wife, I've met a few people with Fibro and though some say it's not a true disease, I believe it is! The way it controls all your daily functions.....I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. Stay strong and rested!!
My sister has fibromyalgia and is mixed bipolar. She has various bouts of depression. She also has a Dx of being manic. Maybe there is some connection, who knows?

I read about how doctors speculate that fibromyalgia patients, are usaully female almost always have depression and most have bi polar, borderline personality, and also that most were sick most of their childhood and physically/emotionally/sexually not all who has it has all that stuff but a great deal do, with fibromyalgia...they still don't know what causes it or how to cure it, those are just most common things they have noticed.




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Carolyn, I have fibromyalgia too. I did DBT therapy for awhile also. How is that going for you? I am sorry to hear that you have fibro too.. Are you on any meds for it?

It is true that there are studies that show that most/all women who have fibro have been sexually abused and have fibromyalgia. I can't remember the stats on this but it is really high.

I know a lady who writes research grants for funding for projects like fibro, mental health/illness issues, abuse, etc. to get help for ppl with all kinds of disabilites and have been abused. I was shocked as 2 or 3 years ago some things came up.. still foggy and vague. I will be talking to her soon.. I can get more info for you.

I may be volunteering soon on a new project that she just got funded to help track victims of abuse called DART (Disability Assault/Abuse Recovery Team) so that we can hook ppl up with help and get more funding to start programs.. and educate other like, the police, grrrrr.. sorry.. my experiences haven't been very good with them, especially with ppl with mental illness and other disabilities, and a need for more ppl to at other agencies as well.

I know it is very painful and I know that there are those who SAY it doesn't exist either! But it does. I went to a fibromyalgia clinic at the main hospital here.. a year ago or late 2004. This dr. has done many studies on fibro.. for at least 10 years or more. He said that he asked his nurses, receptionist, other ppl that work with him in the office too and then ppl that were dx. with fibro. He had everyone that works with him and the patients do exercises.. in the gym.. on machines, running, stairclimber, etc.

He said that the ppl who worked with him, when a person exercised, that whatever the name in the brain is.. is it called serotonin? The part like ppl who exercise alot or jog, feel good because this raises the serotonin level.. i get mixed up on these words.. He noticed that the ppl with fibro, that there was no activity in their brain like there should be when a person exercises.. not sure if explaining this completely understandable.. my mind is on so much lately.. found this interesting.. He is still continuing studies on this and he was suppose to have a new med coming out this fall that he has been working on for a long time. The medical part of it where as Lizzi, the lady I told you about, is doing research grants and gathering data to express and argue the reason why we need these research studies done to fund these projects. Yes, greatly affects depression and mental too.. I think Lizzi calls it cross over disabilities.. with several because it affects everything.. and having pain affects everything. Some days, have a difficult time getting out of bed and in alot of pain but important to keep moving so your muscles don't lock up and doing some exercise.. Finding the right combo of meds may help too if one exists.. It is very frustrating dealing with it every day. Sorry, this is so long..

Hope you are doing okay.. Here anytime you need to talk..or need more info as I learn more about it also.

Sorry, late, hope this makes some sense.




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I am bipolar and I also have fibromyalgia. So you think there is a connection? Where can I find more info about that?
I am bipolar and I also have fibromyalgia. So you think there is a connection? Where can I find more info about that?
I just did searches on the web...putting things like "fibromyalgia" .."fibromyalgia and mental illness" things like that and after a while you find things... I don't remember the names of the sites. But my DBT therapist said he doesn't know how many borderline personality disorder and bipolar WOMEN that had fibromyalgia...he said they can be intertwined...but they have no answers for it or anything...they still don't know why we got fibromyalgia, how we got it, or how to cure it.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

~Good luck,
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