Fight or flight: a story of eternal blight

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    Fight or flight
    A story of eternal blight

    I’m lost in a world of sorrow
    Full of darkness, so hollow
    Should I stop or should i go
    Should I continue to burrow

    I’m escaping the light
    I’m escaping life
    I don’t want to win
    I don’t want to grin

    Let me go
    Ease my pain
    You got to know
    This isn’t in vain

    Ease my woes
    Shield me from blows
    I love you
    But I’m lost to you

    Far out of reach
    Hidden from grief
    Imprisoned by choice
    In a castle of sand
    Built by time long forgotten

    Falling falling
    Always surviving
    Falling falling
    Never winning

    Distress beacon of hope
    Or have they found me
    Hunting me hurting me
    Found me without looking

    A hope lost
    Of demise long awaited
    Loved one’s rescue
    Never provided

    Hail me hail me
    Someone save me
    Call me call me
    Listen to me

    No don’t want to go
    But I do want you to know
    I need to let you go
    Please please end my sorrow

    Flea me flea me
    Why wont you hate me
    Hit me hit me
    Why wont you flea

    Hit by hit
    Day by day
    My soul crumbles
    My soul shatters

    Freed from this world
    Lost in another
    Why this doom
    Why this gloom

    No one know
    Where it goes
    Or even where
    Once it came

    Happy life
    Full of strife
    Destroy destroy
    What is your ploy

    Why are you hear
    Why cant you see
    Why am I here
    Waving at you
    Shallow so hollow

    Wake up
    Shake up
    Do something
    Write this ending

    Uncertainty grasping
    Coldness of fingers
    Pressing moist skin
    Shimmer of cold steel

    Let me go
    Fingers burning
    Let me flee
    Sanity fading

    Trying to find
    Where is my mind

    What happened?
    So long ago
    What transpired
    To end my pride

    From a bird of light
    Caught a glimpse
    At paradise

    Taunting the undead
    With promise of life
    Granting a hit
    To a distraught addict

    So thirsty so hollow
    Fill me fill me
    Grant me wings
    Make me see

    Sky so hi
    Mocking the grass
    Wind who blows
    Cary me free

    I’m not lost
    Just blind
    Blind to life
    Blind to strife

    let us go
    into the night
    let us pray
    and have foresight

    no and no
    I wont let go
    I wont let go
    Of family and foe

    Fight, bite
    Scratch, scream
    Fight for your right
    Get out of your blight

    Strong as stone
    Fast as lightning
    Full of pride
    Eyes glimmering

    Raised fist
    Passion awoken
    Foe grinning
    Teeth glistening

    Clatter of steel
    Molten rage brimming
    Blow by blow
    Who is winning?

    Wicked grin
    Glimmer of hope
    Strike, parry, never flee
    Clatter of steel, survive be free

    Blow by blow
    Restless struggle
    Armor sundered
    Flesh exposed

    By skin and flesh
    By steel and stone
    By blood and bone
    The fight lives on

    Eternal lore
    Sung in score
    Never forgotten
    The fight lives on.

    The eternal fight
    Of the human blight
    To find the right
    To live, to love
    Never relent your right to be…

    Be born
    Be proud
    Be strong
    Be FREE.
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