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Fight the heart.....

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What to do when your conscious says it's normal, but your heart refuses to accept it?

How do you deal with such internal conflict?

Sorry... i just feel i'm about to explode....... :sad:


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I can't even begin to comprehend what you are saying...

There's an inner conflict taking place - medicate or meditate, drink yourself into a stupor; what does it matter?

If you haven't killed your conscience by now you are still in a better place than I'll ever be: stretched out on a sweet, innocent patch of green covered by a clowded sky.

You are in a place where you are still asking "why?", where answers make sense to your rational mind and where the image of your future at least takes the form of a scream.

If it weren't for guilt and shame, I wouldn't even classify myself as human anymore.

In sum: I envy you and your feelings.
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