Fight with best friend

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    So in order for my bff to go to a concert with me he had to do a bunch of things (turn in job apps, take his english final). he told me his teacher wasn't there, so now he's gonna take it tomorrow. Then he said he turned in one application, but he didn't want to go and fill out the other one.

    The upsetting part is, he lied to his mom saying that he turned in both apps, and that I went with him, and he lied about his english teacher not being in school that day. His mom called the school and said that he was there. So he lied to me and his mom. And when I went to his house to try and figure all of this out, he wouldn't answer the door or pick up his cell phone and house phone when I called. I yelled up to his window and he just yelled back that he didn't want to talk.

    The thing he's angry at me for is I texted him that I hope he fails 12th grade because that is what he deserves. And he really does. He doesn't do his work and I'm tired of always making sure he's doing it and that he turns it in. I'm tired of caring. What really put me over the edge is that my brother is doing the same thing except he's in college and it's costing my family thousand of dollars we don't have.

    So now he's not talking to me at all, and I'm pretty sure he deleted my number from his phone. I'm not angry with him at all, I just want to know why he's constantly lying, and then thinks he deserves all the things I do for him. I just want some honesty for once and not have to dig so hard for it. I think some time off from each other is good, but I'm afraid he'll never stop being angry:(

    He's pretty much the only friend I've got, and I love him to death. I really don't want to lose him...

    Any opinions/advice on the situation is highly appreciated!
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    first off, i can't think of anyone who likes it when someone tells them they "hope that they fail" at anything - if he also considers you as his BFF it may hurt more and would explain his anger

    that being said, you should not have to be his keeper because when school is over and the real world comes calling, he may not have someone at his job to keep him focused on completing his work - better he learns that for himself now when it will be easier to handle the fallout

    you can try to talk to him but it sounds like you'll need to pin him down in person - apologize for what you said and try to explain why you said it, your concern for him, and how his actions make YOU feel

    friendship has to be a two-way street - hope you can get things back on track
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    Yea I think your right. I also think that he thinks I said that I hope he fails is becausze he couldn't go to the concert. I said it because I'm tired of of him not doing what he says he'll do.

    I'm going to give him some time and then try to talk to him.
  4. Wastingecho

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    one other thing i want you to take away from me

    your concern and the effort you are willing to go through to try and work things out tell me that you are a worthy friend

    if for some reason he fails to see that, someone else will
  5. pancake111

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    Thank you :) that means a lot.
  6. sadguy33

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    Well I would be pissed if my best friend told me I was going to "fail" I have enough people on my case so if my bestfriend is on my case even worse then they aren't my best friend. I'm not saying that he isn't going to be your friend again because I would forgive you if you came up and apologized. I think people tell white lies all the time I'm sure you've done it to him. Saying he is going to fail is a whole other topic. You are literally putting him down. My advice to you is you can just be mean and nasty to everyone forget him as a friend and just say mean things all the time or you could apologize and say you only are mad because you care about him.