Fighting - and needing to 'grow some balls'

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    Sign. Just a rant.

    So it seems lately all I've been doing is fighting. Not physically or even verbally but...well I dont know what. See, its just you cannot trust people sadly. This all started when I returned from a trip overseas. I came back to find my house, which I rented with friends, had a completely new set of housemates. Every one I knew had moved out. Of course I knew about this - they (the old room mates) were kind enough to tell me on Facebook whilst I was away but I didnt get any say in who was moving in. Two are just plain grubs - never clean or do dishes, one is a drug addict who takes acid and the other has vanished leaving me to cover the rent.

    Now, whilst I was away my older housemates didnt seem to bother swapping the lease over to these new guys so now I am the only one officially on the lease which means any shit that happens is my problem.

    So on top of the chick dissapperring we also get kicked out of the house. Surprise, surprise every one vanished leaving me to clean a 5 bedroom 2 story house all by myself.

    I quit the gym I recently joined, as I no longer have the time, and spend the next 4 weekends cleaning everyones stuff. But the gym says I can quit and am locked in. to paying their rediculous fees. So now I am battling them as well.

    i finally complete the clean but the real estate rejects it. So i say fuck it, Ill call a professional cleaning company to go through. $150 late I get a call from the real estate saying the professional cleaners have not been through at all. I call the cleaners and they say they have. Let the battle begin.

    So in summary, here are the battles at the moment!

    1. The old housemates for not putting the new ones on the lease
    2. The new housemates for not cleaning up
    3. The girl who vanished without paying rent (managed to track her down on Facebook)
    4. The gym for not cancelling my membership even though I am in the correct cancellation period
    5. The realestate who say the house is too dirtly
    6. The cleaning company who say they have cleaned the place

    well....I guess its character building!

    But heres the thing that really, REALLY shits me! During this tough period I often turned to my friends to vent a bit. And there advice "grow some balls and tell these guys to clean up". Holly Shit! Like that never occurred to me before! So thanks for those assholes for making me feel better.

    Anyway, lessons learnt:

    1. Dont trust people if your not there to watch over them
    2. If you want it done right you better do it your self
    3. Turn everything into a written contract
    4. Give someone and inch and the take a mile
    5. When renting, take photos of the existing damage before you move in, date it, give a sealed copy to your real estate agent
    6. Grow a thick skin
    7. Don't expect anyone to do anything purely because its morally and ethically correct
    8. The squeaky wheel gets the grease
    9. No compromises

    Haha and lose all your friends in the process by being the dick who has the traits above.

    anyway, rant over
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    Well, that really sucks that you got screwed over like that. Too bad there are people who only care about themselves and not take anyone else's feelings into consideration. Your friends that told you to "suck it up", I'm sure they wouldn't have been too happy if they had to deal with the same issues. At least you got the trash out of your life now and can find some good people to be in your life.