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Fighting flashbacks

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Seems like this is always a fight - things get stirred up, triggers

My new therapist wants me to try to contain - keep grounded...

Re-experiencng is re-traumatizing; if I can possibly keep the images at bay - try to distract.... examine and identify - tolerate the feelings - internal compassion....

Last therapist used to encourage me to see what was there - but I was in a constant state of crisis... now I feel the images - see them - the experiences are just under the surface - ready to burst forth - leaving me so anxious, scared and sad - but certainly more stable, albeit miserable

There is so much that if I start to go with it - then I can be devastated for days; the trauma was so pervasive, ongoing and horrific....

I am emotionally drained and don't know how much longer I can hang on..... I've been told that taking it slower now will be faster in the long run - develop strength that will enable me to tolerate.... Hurts - so confused feeling
TBear - my heart goes out to you.

I've been struggling so bad the last week or so, triggered so much and not knowing what way is up, kind-of feeling.

It is confusing - isn't it? But hopefully you have developed a healthy therapeutic relationship with your therapist to trust them.

I am still coming up with a good mantra, for use of a better word, that I can repeat over when things start to pop up. The hardest thing for me is dealing with the trigger in a way. Its a difficult one to control but I have to try as I really can't deal or handle the flashbacks too well. I'm trying, really trying.

I'm sorry this is such a rough time for you. Have patience with yourself, believe in yourself that you will get through this. It will take time, but you will get there. Believe that.

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Hi hun :hug: i really dont understand how this kind of therapy works but i do hope that it eventually works for you maybe keeping on posing about it might help . goodluck and big hugs xxx


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From what I have read and this therapist has said.... when the trauma, violations and abuse start at such a young age and go on for years.... it can't be handled the same way as traumas that happen after the personality has had a chance to form.....

There is no one incident to process - There is an entire childhood...an entire rotten marriage... an entire way of reacting...

Seems impossible - but the impossible just takes longer....

So sorry you are going thru this stuff - flashbacks, although I understand them, are so hard to deal with....

The best I can do is to remind myself - I am safe now - this is a different time -I am not a child/ helpless.... then do something to ground myself with my body to bring me back - a pretty smell/ bare feet on the floor/ push hard on a wall - feel something - even holding a peice of ice.....

Thanks for the encouragement..... :hug: :sad:
Yes, nothing is impossible - as you said it will just take a little longer.

I'm working on grounding, fingers crossed the last couple of days have been better.

Take care of yourself TBear. :hug:
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