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Fighting the NHS (2 part)

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I've started 2 threads here because I want to try and achieve 2 things.

In this thread I want us to talk about what we can do to try and get the NHS experience for treatment of depression, bi-polar, psychosis, and other mental illnesses improved. We can discuss ways of putting pressure on the government, any kind of action we might be able to take, also what improvements are actually needed.

I'm getting this information with the idea of perhaps forming some kind of charity / political pressure group. Also any knowledge you have of any existing organisations would be welcome.

I would welcome input from all of you not just those of you from the UK, although I am mostly interested in the health services here in the UK. Also any information about how things are differently else where, if it is better or worse, what options there are privately and how effective those are.

Depression is a massively growing problem in society and somebody needs to stand up and take it seriously.

(Please note, I've created the threads here, because I thought people may wish to contribute anonymously, especially where it might concern criticising your GPs / therapists etc. But if this thread is abused or spammed I'll ask to have it moved)
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