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I am fighting the feelings. I have a plan. But I will not be putting it in action for another couple of weeks. But then I think why wait? I have half typed an email to uni saying I wont be able to make the appointments I have booked in this week. I want to bring my plans forward. I want to do them today. I was feeling the same yesterday.

I don't know if I am feeling like I can't wait as I am pissed off (my blog post's about the psychiatrist) but I wasn't feeling like it yesterday yet the feelings of bringing the plans forward were there.

I suppose this could be classed as crisis, but not in the normal sense. I mean I want to kill myself. But not today. I want to wait as it's my plan to do it in a couple of weeks. I can hardly tell anyone that though can I.

"oh hi, hello, I want to kill mysef but not tonight so I need your support so I can stick to my plans of in a couple of weeks". Doesn't quite work does it??!!!

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Hun you tell them you have a plan and a time okay you get help who cares what anyone thinks hun you get help for you hugs don't let any psychiatrist upset you okay there not worth hurting yourself noone is hugs


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I dont really know what to say but keep fighting.
Dont think about plans.if you want to make a plan then make a plan to do something nice for deserve it


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Sometimes it will help to think about ending your life in a couple of weeks. It can make life bearable at that moment. But I hope for you it will get better than bearable. And that your plans will change in a couple of weeks.
At least, keep writing about it here. Maybe that can help a little.
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