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First off, I'm 20 years old from Oceanside, CA. I'm always busy with work and school, so I don't really have much time to myself. And as I get older, I begin to realize that I never was able to be a kid. Anyway...

I've registered on here because for one of my classes (Human Relations), I have to conduct a study. I've been assigned a general topic of self-destruction and harm. With a few clicks on Google, I found myself here.

This area is pretty new to me. When I was 17, I dated a girl that would cut herself, but I found that if I was around her and comforted her through her problems, she would stop and find other ways to vent her anger and frustrations.

...So enough rambling by me!


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:welcome: to SF. Although we are not a place to conduct a study from, I hope you are able to gain some understanding here. We have become a community of friends and watch out for each other as best as we can. We are here for you if you need too. I am glad you were able to help out your gf when you were younger. Take care.
Thanks for the welcome. I've just spent some time browsing and reading about other people and their situations. I definitely have a better understanding and this forum is great form of communication.

I hope my first post wasn't misleading people in thinking I was doing a study here. I just wanted to gain information for myself so I could better understand the reality of it all.


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Welcome to the forum. :smile: I hope you find it as useful and comforting as I did when I "accidentally" stumbled onto it over a year ago. As Gentlelady said, we're not 'guinea pigs' for academic perusal, but we are a wonderful, loving, and lovely forum of international support and comfort.:smile: :smile: You can come here when you need support yourself or when you need to give support to others in pain and misery. I do both myself: I am helped by the support I receive and also helped when I offer support to others. It works both ways, and all for the good of humanity.

Again, welcome!:smile: :smile:

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