Figured i'd make a thread

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well i 'm john, i'm 16 and live near toronto in canada.

surprised it took me so long to find this site

i spent a lot of time looking for forums like this during the summer of last year, didnt find this one

um i'm severly depressed and am somewhat suicidal most of the time

lets just say the thoughts really never leave my mind

um i like most music most movies and most tv's

pretty much i'm easy going in most cases

so what;s up everyone?

:welcome: to Suicide Forum, John. I'm glad you made it into the forums. This is a very caring place with lots of caring people. Many of of have delt with the same problems, if not still dealing with them. I hope you stick around.....I am sure I'll catch up with ya sometime.....and ofcourse you can message me anytime and I gave you my MSN in don't hesitate to message me if want to talk.

In answer to "What's up?" I am a bit sick, but I will be okay..... What's up with you hun?

Keep your chin up! :hug:




~I'm here anytime you need,


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Hi there and welcome to SF :)

I'm glad you found us and hope you like it around here.. it can really help to have people who can understand and relate to what we're going through

Toronto eh.. nice! I went there this summer and watched a baseball game.. and of course saw the Falls :D

Look forward to seeing you around
Jenny x
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