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  1. A.SoNiC.boY

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    Sleeping is a little like dying
    And every moment we're alive, we're really dying
    Which makes sleep more like a series of prequels to death
    And often enough it's in ones sleep, you draw a final breath
    Compare them side by side, silhouette to silhouette
    Shadow for shadow, black them all out
    Erase everything and wipe the slate clean
    Nothing from nothing, and back to nothing again
    We'll all be the same state of dead in the end.
    Murder, suicide, accidental poisoning, natural causes, so many ways
    Categorized, analyzed, and filed away
    Day after day, file after file, the truth is for sure:
    We're all headed for the file drawer
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    That is so very true, and well written.
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