Final Dream's Truth

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    You leave me here alone,
    I must fend for myself.
    trust i can give to noone,
    Without anyone i must find help.

    I fear you will send me away,
    And tell me you are better without.
    The dream is always the same,
    It will come again tonight, no doubt.

    I will get no sleep tonight,
    I will go without again.
    I know i shouldnt, that its not right,
    But i cannot deal with my dreamt pain.

    If my dreams become reality,
    If you do really tell me to go,
    I know you could go on without me,
    I dont belive i could though.

    I need you so much and i love you,
    I trust you and want you by my side,
    I understand i am a burden you wish to lose,
    But if you send me away, i will die.

    I almost would beg you to do it though,
    It would save you so much emotion.
    Then i could find life's eternal foe,
    No longer would you need to fake devotion.

    Still I beg for you to tell me,
    I do not want another lie.
    Do you really care for me?
    Or am I another waste of your time.

    If you tell me you really do care,
    If you truthly mean it too,
    Ill hope you are still trying over there,
    And will also try to get on through.

    If you stop lying and tell me to go,
    Ill know your finally done with your guise.
    For me it will be simple though,
    For then it is my time to die.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.