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    I attempted <mod edit- methods> Thanksgiving Day but couldn't bring myself to complete it. I love my children so much but it doesn't look as though I will have a future at all anymore. Almost all of who I thought were my friends are gone and the only ones still left tell me to stop trying to figure things out. I am going through a terrible divorce situation in which my wife is already living with someone else and it pains me just to even think about it. The worst part is that I have come to realize that she never loved me at all as I have reflected on our life together. The only reasons I am still alive to this day are my kids. Someone has taken extreme measures to make my life a mockery and all I can do is hang on. But there is no hanging on any longer. I have thought out and researched every way to a successful suicide and I have no money <mod edit - methods>to stop all of the suffering I am going through. I know things could be much worse but that is what scares me. I cannot handle any worse. I cannot take anymore. I have exhausted all avenues of help and have not gotten true honest help. It's pretty bad when nobody truly cares about you. I will very soon just be another one of those that committed suicide. The only problem is that this person actually asked for real help, even from professionals, and got none. My life has become a game to others and I am finally ending this game that those are playing on me. There's only one way to end it...
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    What type of professional help have you tried? Do you have a therapist or counselor or have you tried meds? Several posts discuss your ex wife and issues with that , but none have discussed professional help you have tried. Perhaps if you share some of that others here that have been through the same things could share ways they got more effective help with you and how to make the most of the help available to you.
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    I've been feeling this way a lot lately as well. I've made tons of bad decisions over the past 10 years. I'm never going to be able to take any of that back. I always wish I could just start over and do it better. The shame that you feel is almost painful. I wish I had an answer.
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    your willing to put money towards (unknown method) but you wont pay to see a therapist. help yourself man. your thinking aint right