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Finally got my workbench organized


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I work on Coleman lanterns as a hobby and my workbench had gradually gotten to be a mess. It bothered me. I built this little cabinet to house my parts and tools and organized it yesterday, hung the tools on the doors. There is more room for tools so in case I get more tools they will not clutter up the bench. It makes me feel so good. Today I will be working on a lantern for the first time with an organized bench. First picture is what it originally looked like, second picture is with the doors closed, and third picture is with the doors open.

Bench Original.jpg

Bench Closed.jpg

Bench open.jpg


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Finally, someone handy! :D Welcome to the group! :P

I feel your pain! I have a lot to organize too... especially as i keep most of my tools in my room. I mostly tinker around with small stuff. Seeing an organized workbench indeed lifted my mood and gave me hope! :D
Onto the cabinet/cupboard on your left, you could put some shelves and hooks, and if you sand the worksurface it'll look even cooler. Good job!

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