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Finally I feel better ON Fentanly Patch

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I've had three surgeries on my knee, all failed I was getting very depressed, to the point of suicide, just cant take the Chronic pain anymore, been put on all different Meds Narcotics, dfferent pain Docs, went to see physcatrist all the wanted to do was lock me up, I ran out the back door and never heared from them again.

The Chronic pain was driving me two commit suicide had every thing ready.

Finally two weeks ago I went to speak with my familly care Doc, she put me on Fentantly Patches 100 mc strength and percocets. Wow after two years pain is bearable, I can go to work Pain not completly gone but I can work make a living most importanly LIVE MY LIFE, have met with Pain management Docs and last surgeon that performed failed Knee denervation surgery. They don't seem happy and think that the dose is to strong WTF I,m finally able to work pay my rent pay my Insurance so these docs can get paid.

Anyone have some thoughts on this matter I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter


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Doubt this would be a spam for fentynyl patches. Fentanyl is about 100x more powerful than morphine so you can't just buy it at amazon.com or over the counter.

I was given a fentanyl shot when I had a nerve root block in my back and it is pretty heavy stuff.

Good to hear that they are helping you. How functional are you when you use them?
Thanks for replying this is real, brings my pain down to abot a 3 then I can mantain about a 6 when it gets towards the end of my shift, I know its only been a couple of weeks but if this means I have to stay on strong pain meds for the rest of my life or untill another pain dibiltating disease comes along then so be it.

I posted here because I have posted here for suicide many times I thought it might help someone else. Who I'm realy mad at is the Doctors orhtopedic, Pain management and phycatrists, who dont care if there is any medication that can work even if only a few months then they sould give it to us, I have been thinking of ending my life for the last year planning dreaming, you name it , I thought I was losing my mind ( I was ), I only got prescibed this by my familly DR after I told her about my suicide thoughts and the way I was treated my the mental healh people.

Best wishes to everyone


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So glad the patches work and are making the pain more bearable. And I am glad you have an understanding and switched on GP. Really hope things start to improve dor you now xxxx
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