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    Please comment! Ones with a * in front of the title means it is/started out as a song.

    Silent Strangle

    A dark cloud lingers,
    Strangulating your mind,
    Creeping from within,
    Taking all you wanted.

    No chance to get back,
    All that you started.

    All you hear,
    Are your stumbling words
    While you pray for self destruction.

    While your mind is burning,
    Vacant eyes are wondering,
    Waiting for the end.

    As you finish,
    The dark clouds rise,
    But the sun fails to shine.


    Strong silent words that reach so few,
    Staring from the back,
    Embracing the silence.

    No one looks back,
    To see what I have to offer.
    People passing,
    But never looking to see what's behind the glass.

    Same old words,
    That speak different minds.
    Never quite clear what they had in mind.

    The next person is always,
    As ignorant as the one before,
    But ignorance,
    Is just a failed attempt,
    To learn something more.

    Stained Red*

    My angel's dying
    From everything I've kept inside.
    I'm staining her red,
    With her blood and mine.
    Everything's fine

    But there's a knife in my back,
    And there's blood on the floor.
    She's calling my name,
    Just let me go

    I'm stronger than before
    Since he's given me new eyes
    But now I'm dying

    To Know a Stranger*

    To know a stranger.
    To see behind his eyes.
    A world that isn't there,
    He doesn't live here anymore.
    To know a stranger,
    A different time
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