Finally Some Good News...Well If It Holds That Is

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  1. We each made concessions and agreed upon a settlement that was quite fair. Now all I have to do is have an attorney draft it up with all the legal jargon. It gives me hope now that maybe this financial devestation will soon end. Yet the anxiety is killing me, what if the judge over rules our agreement and changes everything? (They do that sometimes saying "it's for the best interests of the child" No we the parents agreed upon what we know is in the best interests of our child")

    I just hope this ends soon and the agreement is upheld. At least now there is a chance. If this goes through and is approved I can get back to caring for my kids and have the means to do so. I can hold the mortgage and all on my own, barely but I can hold it. Of course all of this depends on what happens in the coming months. I can rebuild for a new future if I can just get this behind me. I've already lost to much in this, I can't take any more losses, years of work all destroyed, this has to end, my very life hangs in the balance.
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    Welcome to SF So Much Destruction

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    Good luck, I hope it works out well
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