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Finally things are on the up!

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It had been a difficult start to last week but it's looking like it's ending on a high at last. My ex is still talking to me telling me how miserable she happens to be with her new boyfriend and that she wants me back but she accepts she messed up by not having the guts to tell me herself that she was in a relationship and that I had to log on to facebook to read it for myself which came at a shock.

For the last month and a half I've been chatting to this girl who wrote to me online and we've really hit it off these past few days and I think she is lovely. She lives locally and hasn't stopped blackberry messaging in days which shows she is keen on me :)
We agreed to meet up this week but she is quite busy with work but she was really sweet and said she'd love to meet me even though I said I didn't want to disturb her plans etc. She is my age (year younger, 20) is very cute and has a common interests in most things I do. She also has a talent for sensing if my mood has changed but I've been alright these last few days that nothing can knock me down. She leaves me messages when I'm asleep to let me know she misses hearing from me which is really cute because I'm usally awake as I don't sleep well much and we end up chatting which is naughty because we both have to be awake in the morning.

I hope and pray this is the start of something good for once.


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I am so glad to hear you are doing better...and yes, fingers crossed she is smart enough to start a relationship with you...all the best, J


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This is great news I'm glad to hear it bro.
Thanks everybody for your kind messages of support. I'm meeting her tomorrow (Wednesday) am so nervous that I woke up really early today so that I will get a good nights sleep tonight as I know I won't be able to sleep otherwise. She said she is getting the butterflies in the stomach feeling and so am I so hopefully this is the real deal. x


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What did I tell you brother?

You'd find someone else!

Maybe I'm missing out out by not having all these online romances blossoming into actual reality!

Maybe you should give us some tips.

That is, if you can spare the time for us apprentices in the pursuit of women and success therein.

Good luck bro - hope she is the one who puts the wind in your sails and gets you full speed ahead, splice the anchors! and other nautical refrains I'm sure.

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