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Finals Week

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This week is finals week, and I'm already going nuts.

I tried to study for my science final (yesterday and today), and today I just can't think. No, I don't study near computers; I study at the only quiet place in the library I can find anymore. But I still can't concentrate because of what follows:

I also have to get myself ready to go home throughout the week for the summer (and I'm not looking forward to going home in the summer), do a two-page single-spaced paper, study for another exam, take that exam, get transcripts....basically you get the idea.

The only job that bothered to contact me back (out of 15 applications this year) emailed me yesterday to attend a recruiting seminar near Cleveland on Thursday, way too far away from where I live. I almost said no, but I'll probably regret it miserably if I don't go. But I can't juggle all this--I knew it when I couldn't even concentrate on my exam. I don't even have any business casual wear on me. Like I said, this is the only job contacting me.

I can't even drink caffeine because it'll make me sick, so I'm dragging myself throughout the day, feeling miserable and tired. And I have to keep myself from venting. I just have no time to go to that place. I'm also feeling crappy physically, so that isn't helping. It's like, "what do people want from me?"

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Im sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed i am sure many are in your shoes there. Can you talk to coucillor at your school to see if they have some ideas to lessen your load some. Try not looking at the whole picture okay look at one thing at a time first your finals just look at them nothing else that way you will not feel so overwhelmed inside. I hope all goes well h ugs
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