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    I'm stressed past my limit. I'm a high school student taking a full time college workload, working, and taking a few high school classes. Yea I know I'm doing too much. You don't have to tell me :/ I'm feeling it. But I was suicidal b4 finals week... I'm second in class but everyone is pressuring me to be first... I did okay on my CPR final... But my English and math?

    My English final is an argumentstive essay. I don't mind it... But she always grades my essays low. Other teachers agree that mine is better quality than most yet I still get a low grade. And no I cannot go to my principle. He leaves teacher business to teachers. My calculus final is even uglier. It's impossible and I've studies hard dnt failing it bad... Right now on lunch break... I see Kia who copied the questions and are solving them together... I'm tempted to join them but I can't. I know it is immoral. I hate seeing people cheat like this buy I know the dangers of a beating for a rat. I hate this shit. I can't do this because either way I lose. What is the point? I'm so tired and depressed...
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    lol bunch of favouritists there.
    and people who can't do their supposed job.

    mostly i suggest relaxing activities, early bed times and such, try and get into a perspective where it matters what YOU do and what YOU want, not so much what others say or want you to do or expect and take care of your health
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    Can you go in and get some extra tutoring for calculus hun i hated math blah but if you can get some extra study time with a tutor it could help hugs
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    They are over now... I was up all night absolutely dick to my stomach stressing over how u did... I feel so damn horrid right now...
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    how do you think you did
    time to unwind now surely
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    I can't unwind... My gut keeps rolling over n over