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I hate finals. :laugh: I've never done well with them, and I've been taking them for 4 years now, this is my 5th with them! I know the material, for the most part, I swear I know it! I'm not *that* stupid.

It's pure insanity for them to ask us to complete a 215 question test in 90 minutes! Do the math, that's 30 seconds a question! Not to mention, our teacher spent the first 20 mins of class explaining HOW TO TAKE A TEST! We're juniors ffs, I THINK we know how to take a test by now. It's multiple choice. Not THAT hard to do. 70 mins. After 70 mins of working as fast and well as possible I counted.. 166 questions answered (not to say they were all correct either!) Best I could do with that is maybe a B, B-. So the bell rings.. she said anyone who was still working was welcome to stay for another 20 mins and try to finish but that meant we had to find some way to get home afterwards. meh, totally not knowing what to do afterwards I stayed to try and finish. Another 20 mins didn't do me any good, I tried to answer as many questions as best I could.. I still don't think I got enough answered.. nevermind enough correctly answered. We'll see.

Never was good with History..

And Trig. Heh. I definitely know the stuff. That's just how I am with math. either I understand it, or I'm totally lost. I haven't been completely lost ONCE in that class all semester. Not once since August. Again, stupid test taking skills that I never aquired through middle school, or even the begining of HS! I get so caught up in the questions and every single detail of doing them that by the time I'm nearly half way through the test I look up at the clock and it's quarter of! SHIT! 15 mins left to do basically the amount of work I just did in 75 mins! So scribble scribble scribble. praying that I can get at least partial credit on all those I just crammed in during the last seconds of the class. Bell rings again. Shit shit shit shit shit.

Course, as I pass each one in, I get a look from my damn teachers, a smile saying :smile: "I'm pretty sure you just failed my exam, but have fun next semester!!!"

Just wanna take their queer little exam and shove it down their... ermm :unsure: anyways...

Tomorrows day two, I've spent four hours going over spanish/started going over chemistry. AHHHG my nemesis! Grrrrowl. I've struggled just to keep in the B-C range for this class, now I have a test that will define my grade in it for the year! (technically this should be a midterm but I'm so pathetic I'm dropping it at the halfway to get honors credit :dry: ) The teacher is such a jerk, He tells us all as a class yesterday that He knows there are more questions on the test than any of us could possibley answer in the 90 min block. So I ask "So is it impossible to get a 100?" he replies "No, you don't listen to me ever do you?!" God.. I must not.. because he just said a minute before that it's IMPOSSIBLE to answer ALL the questions on it. WTF?! So I ask "Do we not have to answer all the questions than?" He angrily replies "You think you're just exempt from certain questions? That's not how it'll be in college or for you AP exam.. You NEED to listen". Is there something I'm missing here??? GOD DAMN

I hate school.....
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Hmm... well had you continued at the same pace after question 166 you should've gotten within 1 or 2 questions of finishing. 166 questions in 70 minutes is about 25.3 seconds per question, and the pace required to finish was 25.1.

When I was in middle school I happened upon some test-taking tips. They served me well throughout high school, earning me much higher test scores than I deserved. Here are the ones I remember:

-Don't psych yourself out. Going back and counting how many questions you've done to determine if you need to speed up is counterproductive. Wondering how badly you're failing doesn't help either. Keep in mind that you're doing your best, and there's nothing more you can do beyond that.

-Only check your answers after you're finished.

-On questions you don't know, eliminate as many answers as you can. If none of the remaining answers make sense, choose C.

-On math questions you don't know, choose one of the two answers that are similar. For example, you'll often see something like

a) 12.295
b) 31.2
c) 33.4
d) 106.2

The answer is almost certainly B or C.

-Avoid doing the work on math questions whenever possible. You can almost always ballpark the answer, and that saves tons of time.

-On reading questions (like those on the ACT/SAT designed to test comprehension), always read the questions and answers first.

-If you see a question that looks like it's going to take a full 5 minutes to answer, just take your best guess and move on.

Hopefully this'll help you to avoid this situation in the future.
Thanks for the tips! Maybe some will come in use tomorrow!

:hug: I just had to rant about the insanely long-ness of the tests they made. WELL knowing we only had 90 mins. Not like I'm the only one that diddn't finish but STILL.

Thanks Dev :hug:

Okay, they're over. Sorry.. just a small rant about today :unsure:

FUCKING chemistry. I hate it, I fucking hate it so much. The teacher is a jackass! 188 questions. Okay, little over an hour to do it. First couple pages go ok. only missing a couple. next thing I know.. ok, five minutes left. So I just filled in B for every other one left. I figure.. 25% chance of getting the answer right.. bound to get a few right? Goooddddddddddddddd I'm gonna fail :( Never get into college.

Yesterdays finals. AHGRRRRRGGGGGG I got my grades.. I went out of my way to find the teachers to ask them abuot my grades. My math grade was so bad on the final exam it brought my entire grade down to a B-. WTF. It's not my fault she made the test so god damn long I couldn't finish. and it's not mult. choice so I couldn't even guess. History. ahg. just pathetic. a C. I managed a C on the final. I'm so stupid.

ok. Sorry :shy: I'm done :(

New semester.. clean slate. pray to god this half goes better with new classes..


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Awwwwwwwww Jess hun truly i would have been proud to get the grades you did especially when you have so so much going on right now to deal with as well as the exams and im not just saying this trust me there is no way i would have answered as many questions as you in that amount of time!!!i just couldnt do it.i always was slow.Please hun.Please stop putting yourself down.im sorry im late replying this but when i read it i just had to write something.Well done for what youve achieved hun and big big hugs!!!!

Please take care
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