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    There is no distinction between man and nature. We are born out of our blind mother's deep cavernous slimy womb and we are her hands, her eyes, her thoughts, her body, and her joy.
    We are young, and are not wise.
    We are talented and we are powerful and our sight goes far.
    Still, our seeing does not go deep,

    and are not wise.

    “Our modern industrial culture stands at an unprecedented edge, where these heretofore unindividualized byproducts of the unenlightened 'enlightenment' have sped us. Time and greed have accelerated so immensely that people have shrank into themselves and forgotten the possibility of each other's existence. The very idea that life could go on without their being is seen as impossible. Fear of their own death is now seen as complete apocalypse. Cooperating at the basest level with those around them, who they see as mere ghosts, they cram as much sensory experience and quantifiable life down their throats into their fat bellies so that 'life' as they understand it, does not feel wasted."
    -Chapter 2 from Twelve Months in the Inferno, J.L. Inscot

    "The very least that is certain and absolute is my consciousness. The very most that is possible is the consciousness of everything."
    -John Dixon

    The dependence upon only what is absolute, knowable and light, results only in utter loneliness and absence, incomplete existence.
    When form disappears, all that remains is shadow.

    Is that absence real?
    When all that forms me disappears--darkness
    Am I real? Am I alive?
    I only have as much face as my shadow has.
    So we have to story our universe, reminders that we are acting as the same Being as everything else.
    Shadows playing us, us playing shadows.
    Everything around us has personality. Conscious. It watches us as we watch it. The trees watch us. The dirt. Even our plastic packaging.

    If you do not know this you have been lied to. You used to know it at least.
    Your favorite stuffed animal really did love you. It still does, somewhere.
    With half open eyes did we see the world then
    But now there is only ambition. Possessions are steps to a greater somewhere, or, at the most, brief and passionate affairs.

    It's time to simplify

    our imaginations go far, and have worked incredible magic, let them, but let them not burden the rest of existence. Modern culture has burnt enough light to last us many lifetimes, rather
    And this is our goal,
    we must choose the most useful ones to keep, and learn how to use them respectfully, putting the flames of our excesses out before we go up with them.

    These lights will be our media - technologies of communication

    We will take advantage of modern magic
    to carve stories into the darkness
    that return our imaginations towards the
    gathering of wisdom,
    invoking love, respect, and harmony in all things.

    No more waste.
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    "We are born out of our blind mother's deep cavernous slimy womb".
    Whoa - graphic!
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    A very talented writer you are enjoyed reading every bit