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  1. Aquarius123

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    1. Do not interfere in other people’s business unless asked:

    Most of us create our own problems by interfering too much in other people’s affairs. We do so to our detriment because somehow we have convinced ourselves that our way is better than somebody else’s and that our logic is a perfect one, and that those who do not conform to our thinking must be criticised and steered to the right direction, ours! This kind of thinking shows no respect for the other’s individuality and their intuition, through which the living God within each one of us tells us what is right or wrong, in any given situation. There is no way that someone else can reliable know what that is!

    God created each one of us to unique and special. That is why no two human beings can think or act exactly the same way. Showing love and compassion to someone else’s suffering, whilst carefully minding our own business at the same time, does wonders for finding inner peace.

    2. Forgive:

    Love can only flourish in relationships where there is an equal measure of giving and taking, as well as for the willingness of those involved in them to forgive. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool for finding peace of mind. There is no point in developing ill feelings for and nurturing grievances against those who insult or harm us. These things may result in loss of sleep, development of stomach ulcers and also high blood pressure.

    Once an insult or injury has been done, unless we forgive the perpetrator, nourishing grievances may go on until we finally do so, because our inner self is likely to remind us that an unresolved issue is waiting to be attended to. It is more constructive by far not to waste our precious time on such trifles, but to learn something from every experience, then to forgive, as that frees us to move on to different ones.

    3. Do not crave recognition:

    The selfishness that is inherent in the character make-up of every human soul is a natural part of the Divine gift of the survival instinct. The older and more experienced the soul becomes, i.e. the more times it has travelled round the zodiac and taken part in the whole gamut of human experiences that are the essential ingredient of our earthly education, the more this selfishness is shed. Until the soul’s enthusiasm is increasingly fired by altruistic and higher motifs for the good of all humankind, instead for the glorification of the self, takes many lifetimes. So, don’t be disappointed when many still react in overly selfish ways.

    Don’t be too harsh on anyone, but give thanks and praise to God and the Angels that you have left behind that particular educational phase. Refuse to sit in judgement because you know better! Instead, diligently attend to the lesson that now is your most one and that is practising how to show love and tolerance towards everyone who crosses your path. Each one is meant to teach you something, especially those who behave in unpleasant ways towards you. Because we all have everything within, we all have to experience every single one of the expressions of our lower earthly nature, before the ascent into developing the higher and highest aspects of our nature can begin. The blatant selfishness, greed, jealousy and cruelty that some are displaying show those who are already climbing up the spiritual mountain how they no longer want to be.

    Don’t kill yourself by striving for any kind of recognition; when you have worked hard enough and therefore deserve it, it will come on its own. Patiently, willingly and lovingly do what you have to do to the best of your ability, with honesty and integrity, then hand your work over to God and the Angels and let them do the rest.

    4. Let’s forget about being jealous of other people’s achievements:

    Nothing disturbs our peace of mind as much as jealousy, when in truth there is never any need for it. Any success that crowns someone’s efforts on the Earth plane has to be worked for very hard at some stage. No success ever falls into anyone’s lap, although on the surface of earthly life this may often appear to be the case, there is no such thing spiritually. Accomplishments have to earned, if this did not happen during someone’s present lifetime, then it is due to the credits its soul has brought with it into this lifetime in the spiritual ledger that accompanies each one of us during the whole course of our evolution. Peace of mind comes through knowing and accepting that all things on our present level of life can only happen for karmic reasons. So, make your peace with the Universe and say: ‘Thy will be done, not mine! Success will come to me, but in Thy time, not mine!’

    From the all-important spiritual point of view, the outcome of all our efforts in the final analysis depends not only on the karmic aspect of what we have brought across from other lifetimes in our spiritual ledger on the credit as well as the debit side. Our inner motivations are of equal importance. Are we hoping for material gains and that our enterprise turns into a money-spinning one? Or are we looking towards our inner guidance to be shown how we can do our share of being about the Father’s business by altruistically serving life on the Earth plane and the One who created it? For example, the suffering of humankind can be alleviated by releasing ever more of us from the dungeon of ignorance and false beliefs, to get us all that bit nearer to the end to the suffering that these things have created for us and our world? As long as we pay attention to what rises from within by doing the things we naturally feel drawn to, we are sure to find what is rightfully ours.

    5. Don’t expect the world to change to accommodate you; make character changes so you fit better into our world instead.

    If you try to change the environment single-handedly, the chances are you will fail. Peace of mind comes through changing ourselves and finding a different perception of our world and our place in it. Through learning to love and accept our world the way it is, an environment we previously perceived to be unfriendly and hostile, can mysteriously change and become more congenial and harmonious.

    6. Change the things you can and accept and endure with patience the ones you cannot:

    In this way a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. Every day we all have to tackle inconveniences, ailments, irritations and accidents that are beyond our control. If we cannot control such things or change them, we need to cheerfully and patiently endure them. Proving to ourselves and our world that this is possible helps us to grow in patience, inner strength and willpower, as well as wisdom and understanding.

    7. Know and accept your limitations:

    Many take on more responsibilities than they are capable of carrying out. It is essential to know our limitations and refuse to take on additional loads that create nothing but stress for us.

    8. Meditate regularly:

    Peace of mind can only be gained through reducing our engagements in the material world and spending more time in our inner world. Prayers, meditations, quiet reflections and inner dialogues with our Highest Self, the living God within, soothe and calm the mind. Let Him/Her be your teacher and guide. This is the only place in the whole wide world where truth can be found and where you can safely put all the questions you have always wanted to ask and to which no-one ever seemed to know the right and full answers. Learn to pay attention to the responses that rise from the very core of your own being at all times. Be patient because this hardly ever happens straight away; yet, the answers you are seeking are sure to come. I am one of those who do this by writing down the impressions and ideas that come forth. Try it and amaze yourself at all the things you know or rather the knowledge that rises this way into your consciousness from within your own being.

    Meditation calms the mind and diminishes the amount of thoughts that makes it restless. The less cluttered our minds are with everyday thoughts and inner chatter, the greater peace of mind can be achieved. If you meditate earnestly for half an hour every day, your mind is likely to be more peaceful and not as easily disturbed for the rest of that day. Even if you can only spare five or ten minutes each day, benefits can be reaped; it is helpful to gradually increase these periods. Meditation does not interfere with our daily work. On the contrary, it increases our efficiency and we can produce better results in less time.

    9. Find the right food for your earthly mind:

    It would be all too simplistic to say that an empty mind is the devil’s workshop and that all evil actions start in vacant minds. The earthly mind was given to us for good purpose and we are responsible for what we allow our minds to be filled with. Concentrate on that which is positive and worthwhile. Take up an interesting hobby and do things that hold your attention.

    Regularly take stock of your life and decide what you truly value and what is worth more to you: money or peace of mind. Some work and hobbies, for example that of the social or spiritual kind may not always earn you more money, but it will bring you a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

    10. Stop procrastinating and never regret anything; instead learn!

    Too much time is wasted by endlessly wondering: ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ Days, weeks, months, and years may elapse fruitlessly through this kind of futile mental debating. Learn to go with the flow of your life and respond to the promptings you receive from your inner teacher and guide. Accept that the future is not ours to see and that what will be, will be. Forget about planning everything and use affirmations like: ‘That which is for my highest good and my greatest joy is now drawn to me, in perfect ways!’ Then step back to see what the Universe may wish to bring you. Follow Its guidance and seize the opportunities when they come your way. One step at a time, go forwards and give of your best, resting safely in the knowledge that the Universal laws will ensure that only the best can return to you.

    Whenever you try something new, it does not matter if you fail. So long as you learn something and make another attempt, if need be many times over, you will succeed in the end. Sitting back and worrying will get you nowhere. Learn from your mistakes, but do not brood over the past and spend no time on regrets! Why cry over spilt milk?

    With love and light,
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    whoever wrote that doesn't know what mental illness is like.....
    if only it was that easy...
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i agree totally they have never suffered and truly don't understand
  4. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    This is generally good stuff to know. But I've always hated, hated when people say "just leave it all up to God!" because it pretty much is telling people to sit on their asses and don't do anything, wait for something to come along that never will. There is no one looking out for us and no one is going to come down and help us with anything. We are all in this alone and have to deal with it alone.
  5. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    I agree with the main points, although i didnt delve into the descriptions, because i saw the word "God".. :unsure:
  6. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    The Law of Karma

    No, dear Friend, that’s not at all what I have in mind when I use this term. To explain this, I shall have to reach out a bit further. I hope I shall be forgiven for this.

    Way back in the days of the Old Testament the Bible told us in Proverbs 1:7 ‘The reverence of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise knowledge and instruction.’ If one replaces the word Lord with ‘law’, a different picture emerges straight away. The St. James Bible translated this into ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. What life requires from us, however, is that we should respect and revere, to use the word of the Lamsa translation, the Universal laws and conduct our lives in accordance with them, the way the Lord Buddha taught his disciples: through right thought, word and action. This alone can bring us the beginning of the much yearned for freedom from further self-created unhappiness.

    By taking responsibility for ourselves and changing our character, we influence the flow of our destiny in positive ways. In this case knowledge really is power, because it is the tool the Universe places into everyone’s own hands to free ourselves from the shackles of the past and from going round and round the wheel of life or of fortune, whose symbol is the zodiac. We alone can free ourselves from endlessly having to repeat our experiences of the Earth and from requiring further lessons on this level of life. It can only be done through expanding our conscious awareness and wisely applying the knowledge we are finding to all life situations. Only when all karmic debts have been paid, every bad thought, word and deed redeemed and every earthly lesson learnt, is any soul free to move on to education of a higher nature.

    It seems to me that for thousands of years our Creator has suffered from an extremely poor press. First in line has to be the quote from ‘The Song of Moses’ in Deuteronomy, one of the most ancient books of the Old Testament, 32: 35 ‘To me belongs vengeance and I will recompense them at the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their destruction is at hand and the misfortune that shall come upon them makes haste.’ We shall return to this teaching later. It, probably like no other one, has presented our world with a highly negative, jaundiced and unfair picture of the Lord and Master of all life. Yet, exchange the word Lord for Law, the law of Karma, and the vision changes instantly into one of utmost justice, kindness, goodness and love. Even the Master Jesus bringing us the message that this is what our God in truth is could not change the fact that, to this day many of his church followers insist that every word of the Bible is true.

    The popular hymn ‘Turn to Me!’ tells us:

    ‘Listen to Me, My people;
    Give ear to Me, My nation.
    A law will go forth from Me
    And My justice for a light, to the people.’

    John Foley​
    Ah yes, the knowledge is there but without understanding what kind of law is meant here no real progress can be made. For as long as any of the religions of our world that to this day fail to accept the law of Karma as part of their teachings, their followers will officially remain deprived of knowing what kind of a law it is that is designed to provide the light for God’s children of the Earth. Because it is God’s Universal and eternal law, which all life throughout the whole of Creation on all its levels must obey, its denial will never make the law go away.

    Viewed from where we are now in our evolutionary cycle, it is no longer difficult to recognise that this kind of ignorance once was necessary. Included in this was the illusion of a limited existence, the state we, individually and as a race, had to live in for many thousands of years. If we had known all along that there is a world of spirit, to which each one of us safely returns to find rest and healing, at the end of every lifetime, when the going got ever rougher on the Earth plane, the temptation to opt out would have been too great for our earthly selves.

    Had we still remembered that we ourselves chose this earthly existence, so that we should grow and evolve, the likelihood is that we and our world would not have achieved anything like the spiritual growth and advances that our ignorance made possible. Therefore, let us not begrudge this part of our development, but rejoice and give thanks for it to the great wisdom and love of the Highest for providing us with it, and also for the fact that this chapter in the history of our world is now closing.

    With love and light,
  7. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    Re: The Law of Karma

    What the HELL is this nonsense you are relentlessly preaching? This is not a utopia. Free ourselves from the shackles of the past? Well that's hard to do without breaking the law, isn't it? You will ALWAYS bear the consequences and reactions for every action that occurs. These consequences are not always good, so not everyone is going to live with them in "love and light" and prosper, simply because the laws of the universe do not allow for it. Everything is NOT meant to live in peace, Everyone is NOT meant to live in love, and nothing exists that will acknowledge these concepts of "justice, goodness, kindness, love, etc unrealistic BS beyond the puny and insignificant human mind.
  8. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    The Law of Karma

    Dear Friend – thank you for your feedback. Yes, I do understand where you are coming from and because of the precious gift of freedom of speech, I do hope that will muster sufficient patience to bear with me, so that I can explain my point of view in a bit more detail.

    It applies to you and me, as much as much as to everybody else, that our two most intimate relationships are the one with ourselves and the one with God, not as an external force, but as the spirit of love and goodness, honesty and truth that is a natural part of each one of us that is merely waiting to be consciously accepted and integrated by us. The more we become familiar with the processes of life, the more our faith in life grows. The only way of learning to trust life and its goodness is by testing and trying it, and by living it to the full, never by retreating from it in defeat. Wise ones know that conquering the instincts of their lower earthly self becomes easier with a better understanding of the laws of the Universe, by which all life has to live. Being aware that the law of Karma ensures that everything has to return to its source, and that whatever they send out into the world, inevitably has to find its way back to them, they set about building up nothing but good Karma.

    When you have seen with your own eyes how the good you once sent out into the world does indeed return to you – though not necessarily through the people it was given to – your faith and trust in the goodness and wisdom of the One who created this life will ever increase. Listening to their inner guidance, wise ones do what is good and right, rather than what is convenient; they give of their best and – given time – discover that only the best really is returning to them. They can then see for themselves how fair and just, as well as loving and wise our Creator is, and that their life and all life indeed is good. And each time this happens on our way through life, our inner faith grows stronger, until it can no longer be shaken or taken away by anyone, ever again.

    True faith is what we are meant to find, when all the belief systems of our world have failed us and let us down, and when not a shred of faith in anything seems to be left in us. Faith is not a running with any herd, but something individual between us and our Creator that exists in every heart. To have faith means we believe in ourselves, the purpose of our own life and all life. It is a learning to trust our own ability to think our own positive and creative thoughts, which we are willing to follow up by positive actions.

    With love and light,
  9. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Believe you me, they do! In my view, only those who have gone through mental illness and a breakdown themselves can possibly appreciate what extremely lonesome and frightening experience they are. Hardly anyone seems as yet to understand them. In fairness to them, unless they have gone through it, they cannot possibly do so and – to my mind – are unwise to pretend that they do. There is no reason why others should do the same. On the contrary, we are in this earthly existence together, so that we may learn and gain a better understanding of the processes of life, of the various aspects of our own nature, of God and also our world. By sharing what we find it becomes possible to help each other carry the cross of this existence. And when we share not only some of its pain, sadness and grief, but also the enlightenment we find on the way. As I know from my own experiences, the Universe is then only too happy to grant us the gift of further insights

    With love and light,
  10. PokerDonkey

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    I hate this easier said than done bullshit, it's all nice to say the ideal way to think, but common now. Someone is a terrible situation and their life sucks, will get ulcers trying to force himself not to be anger and bitter. It doesn't matter how positive you think, you are still some loser college dropout making min wage and living with parents, have no friends and no girlfriend.
  11. Aquarius123

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    Dear Friend - shouldn't that depend on what the word 'God' actually means to the person who is speaking? For me this means the Father, the whole of the Universal intelligence and the source from which fresh pure creative thoughts are constantly pouring forth into all life. The spirit of the Father, the same as ours, is eternal, without beginning or end and has always been. Neither our spirit nor the Father’s will ever stand still. Both are constantly evolving, expanding and growing through the knowledge that is gathered by all parts of Creation, including you and me.

    With love and light,
  12. Aquarius123

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    Life on Earth is a school

    Unfortunately that is so very true! However, there does come a time in everybody's life when the tide is meant to turn and when a way forward becomes visible again. Nobody could have been more closed off to the higher aspects of life than I once was. And because I have been there and experienced it, I can tell you reliable that every human being eventually reaches the point of awakening to the fact that life on Earth is nothing but a school and that we are all on an evolutionary pathway, and that in this particular school there are no sinners and no losers, only learners.

    For as long as we are willing to learn and grow through every experience, before our Highest Self at least we shall always count as one of life’s winners. Each can only learn from their own experiences that only if we persevere no matter what happens, we shall go forward and gain something, if only in wisdom and understanding. For as long as we are willing to continue learning, we shall grow and gain in consciousness.

    With love and light,
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