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    Shall I Step Though? ... So I Do; 0nTo T H A T PLaNe;wheredw3LL($) "The.PuRest" :[of]: Tranquility;

    And for all that I amNOT ... And all which I shallNEVERbe. . .

    So I've been told, or maybe I just think I once heard,
    There's a place we see, so separate from earth.
    Where bliss in the ground, or though the gates of st. Pete
    A road to Nirvana, Siddhartha, fantastically terrific, new-years cycle bash

    . . -------------------------------------------- ..
    An end to a cycle, if just for a while, before I reboot in child's skin.
    They've been preaching for years, oh shed not all those tears
    Because only the dead may enter here, free and clear
    But I think I found the back-door, the camouflaged root-kit, of an emergency exit..

    .. ---------------------..
    In the wrong way... an' all that's due on that postmortem arrival..
    Is right there, in store just beyond that blue yellow, and not quite cold lager door.
    Two of these, and two of those. The former higher then the latter, in its content
    and you'll be continent, just like me... with the final help of that drink with a B.

    . -------------------------------------- .
    If I needed this ever, I needed it now. And anyhow.
    Three days was long enough. My intentions gone bust.
    So here I am. Here I was, Here I will be.
    And I do wonder, if you can quite follow me.
    But its OK, if you cannot, since I've found the path
    To all I've ever sought.

    _('--, (.--; ,--')_ | ;--.) .-. |.| .-. \|\|/ .-. .-.`\|/|/`_ `\|/|/` ' `^`^^`^``^``^``^``^``

    ... BUT! ...

    But I'm OK... if just for now..
    But if you ask me just how...
    I fear a thin guise.. based in just another
    Halloween burlesque masquerade...
    playing it's cover version of a photocopy of a transcript of a lie,
    masked with just the simplest kiss and garnished little low sigh..
    Yep, that truly Will have to be but my only reply.
    Though to tell it true, one honest confession.
    All mine... this was not the work of Lucy...
    Nor her span of perfect diamonds..
    All there.. way up, up, up... just a inch too high

    Right behind that one immaculate pale green sky.

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