Finished an essay tonight!

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by TheGlamorous, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. TheGlamorous

    TheGlamorous Active Member

    So, my life sucks. And tonight I was fully prepared to just not do my essay and let yet another course fail me and go down the pooper. Because when you feel like this, it is so much easier to give up and watch everything fall.

    It was due yesterday but tomorrow is the official cut off date to hand it in (with a 14% demotion for lateness of course). I was like screw it whatever.

    But something weird happened and at 11pm. I decided to get off my depressed ass and write my 1500 word essay from scratch. So I did. At first it took me 45 minutes to get past my introduction which made me very annoyed and those self-defeatist comments started to enter my brain.

    But voile, three hours later and seven paragraphs have been completed. I can't believe I did it, and finished it, in three hours-- when I was so sure that I just couldn't be fucked anymore.

    I'm enjoying reading it too. Shows I still have my writers spark after all. :laugh:
  2. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    Congrats Glam :cheer:

    see... we can all do things if we put our minds to it!
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