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I just wanted to say bye to the people on this forum. I just finished writing my suicide note and i'm all set for the 6th.
I want you to know that those people who will help people are very special indeed. This site is full of those people. I wish you all well in the future even though for some of you life is intollerable at present. To be listened to is to vanquish lonliness. Talk and encourage talking and one day maybe no one will be lonely.



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Hi h2osmack :hug: Please don't try to kill yourself, stay here and take some support from us.

I'm always around if you ever want a chat x


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Hi H...is there anything going on now that has percipitated this??? Have you sought support (professional/peer)...please PM me so I can be there for you. I will be online this afternoon (EST) and later this evening...please know you are very cared for here and that you are the type of person we want with us...big hugs, and hope to hear from you...when you PM me, I can give you my cell phone number so we can text each other...thinking of you, Jackie
please don't do it h20
i don't know your situation but there must be someone in your life that really loves you and would miss you
there must be a future for you somehow
even if it doesn't feel like it there is still hope for everyone
please stay safe
thinking of you
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