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    Well the last of the few things really giving me hope are finished.

    I've seen the Dark Knight Rises (yes I know, a weak and loser reason to stay around but it was at least something).

    My commitment to football finished this past weekend when we lost in the semi finals. I drop my equipment off tomorrow night.

    And it took them a whole 19 days (even though they said it would take 30-60) to let me know that I did not get the electrician apprentinceship and pretty much my last hope at getting a career.

    I can't even get into a field that my father, uncle, grand father and great grandfather are and were all in.

    The only thing I really have left to finish is figuring out how I'm going to kill myself, which I'll probably just fail at anyways. I love being a born loser.
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    REapply hun show them that you are serious reappy ok maybe next time you will get in hugs
  3. Bigman2232

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    That's the thing I'm not that serious. This was just something of a last resort because everything else is done. Sure I'd take it serious and do my best if I had gotten in, but it's not my dream. Just a desperate attempt to get a career with good money. It being the family business, maybe I'd get the added bonus of not being seen as a freak too.

    The truth is I haven't been passionate about anything for 6-8 years now. I just want it to be over. I don't do anything but piss people off and get angry and quit.

    Nothing I do is ever good enough. No matter how well I think I do or can do, the world never allows me to be successful.