Finishing Counselling - psych is pressuring me to continue

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Ok today I saw her, has been 4 weeks since I last saw her and found it a bit hard to open up, then she said, to me "your work is no longer funding you, they don't mind you still coming to see, but you have to pay, and it starts today".

    I was a little taken aback, as I didn't have much money on me. Then she said "it will costs you $67.00 out of pocket, what do you think about that?" I said, "I would like to finish up today", She said, "you can't mean that, ok then $28.00 it will cost you after medicare rebates". Then I felt like it was some sort of bartering system like in Bali. I thought if I hadn't of said no, she would have kept charging me $67.00, just felt a bit icky.

    I then said "no again, and said I have to finish sometime", I said, "take the next appointment out of the book, and if I change my mind, I will ring". She then said, "No, I will keep the appointment, because I know you are less likely to ring for an appointment, then to cancel". I said, again "no take the appointment out and I will ring if I need to".

    Then she went on about how $28.00 was not much money and that I have spent money on other things, such as motorcycle gear, and that there is 2 of us working. Then she told me that she would be ringing my husband.

    She has always said to me in the past that it is my choice. But look at all the pressure. She then rang my husband on his mobile 30mins after I left twice, he didn't have his mobile on him. She then rang our home phone at 4 hours later, but we didn't answer it and she left a message on the answering machine saying she was still happy to see me, and she wanted to talk to my husband about giving him some phone numbers (most likely the CAT team, (they do nothing anyway) and she mentioned I was discontinuing to see her.

    I feel really pressured and stressed out about this. It is coming up to the anniversary of when my daughter died.

    When I left she didn't even say good bye. She was very angry. Is this how counselling is supposed to finish?
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    No what she did was very unprofessional in my opinion. You do not feel comfortable with her now and i think you need to look at someone that will be more compassionate and less forward. The money issue was thrown at you unexpectedly and that caught you unguarded and the way she went about it was very hurtful. I hope you do get some councilling as you will need it to help you deal with your anniversary of your daughters death Can you make another appointment with a different councilor Sometimes a new set of eyes and ears are better and also a different approach. take care okay reach out and get another therapist one that you feel more comfortable with take care of you and your needs not hers.
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    I agree with that!!!!!!
    For starters IMO it seems that she broke client confidentiality by calling your husband. It is your therapy no his. She should have told you before you even came that it was going to cost you. Not after you got there.
    I hope that you are able to find someone that can be more understanding. That is not how it should end.
    My therapist can't even talk to my husband or even my family dr. unless I give verbal permission and sign a forum stating that it is ok.
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    I just found it weird, where she suddenly dropped her fees. Before coming up to the last appointment she did mention the funding bit stopping and that she would ask my workplace, if it could continue, and I did ask her to contact me before the next appointment to let me know, and she said she wouldn't contact me and not to worry because she wouldn't (skin me).

    I actually thought that was a good time to finish, a sort of finishing point, I mean I can't be seeing a counsellor for the rest of my life, so I thought well it stops here and now and it is time I stand on my own two feet.

    Then her secretary told me that she would miss me as well. I am starting to think am I the entertainment committe or something. It is very flattering though.

    Thanx for the replies and keep them coming. Just wanted to know if this sort of thing happens often.
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    Work contacted her and my behalf to get permission to look at my report. She gave it, and then I copy of the report. She then left a message on my mobile saying she didn't know what report I was referring to, and couldn't understand why I needed to see it.

    I am so glad I saw it, because she told work about an attempt I made last year, that they didn't know about. She also told them that I did extreme fasting which they also don't know about. Not very happy about that. I don't think my eating habits are relevant to my job. She told them that I put on a happy face.

    Also in her message she again said I was welcome to see her, but it was my choice. If its my choice why is she pressuring me so much.

    I am trying to detach myself from her, and her ringing me is not helping.