Finishing Counselling - psych says she will miss me???

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. downunder

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    Okay work has been funding my psych visits, due to grief issues.

    They are no longer going to fund me so I have to go it alone now.

    The pysch says she is going to really miss me, and that that is no reason to keep seeing me. (I didn't even bring this up). I feel really flattered but then told her well she has other people to see, and I can't be seeing her for the rest of my life. Feels a bit weird though, the psych saying this.

    I suppose I will be okay, but how do you know?

    Then I exchanged christmas cards with the secretary, who also said she missed talking to me (she has changed her days).

    I do have a sense of humour and have nearly had the psych falling off her chair in laughter.

    Last session I bought a piece of paper with all the topics I wanted to discuss at the end she said, do you want to swap places, and you run the session, I said yep, fine hand me your notepad. LOL :))
  2. total eclipse

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    remember you have here to help you as well. It is good your psych doctor sees you can make it on your own now. A sense of humor always helps in any circumstance i am glad you have this. take care keep coming here for support too okay
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    I've had therapy come to an end for different reasons and I've come to think of them as breaks to try out what I've learned. If things build up again or I come to a point where I need to take a new step then I go back to therapy.

    I think of it as a process over time.
  4. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    Now every time I see her she tells me that even though work is not paying anymore, she can still see me, and it will go through medicare. I asked if I could just stop and go cold turkey, she says she would prefer for it just to gradually fade away. She usually just doesn't stop seeing someone. Then she mentioned that I might have to go a GP for a referral then I said well I am not doing that, then she mentioned that I probably wouldn't have to. Then she says its my choice. I feel she is pressuring me to continue seeing her. I am wondering for whose benefit mine or hers??
  5. total eclipse

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    I think she is correct in that most therapist like to slowly discharge their patients wind things up correctly so you are sent away with a more stable groundwork. I would go back just to see what direction she is interested in going with you now maybe touch up on some things you had mentioned in the note you gave her. Get all support yu can as it does seem she truly cares