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firefox or internet explorer- what do you prefer?

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just curious to hear what you all have to say about it.

see i prefer using internet explorer, but acording to stuff i've read, firefox is the safer brouzer

so which brouzer out of the 2 do you prefer?

and why..


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Firefox because it's just user friendly and doesn't take up as much space as IE... and rumor says that its safer. I mainly just use firefox for its nice user interface

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I, too, am a Chrome convert. I've never liked IE and I personally never understood the fuss around FF. (As I've tried it and didn't like it.) I find Chrome user friendly, faster, and cleaner looking than most of the browsers I've tried.


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I use both, for different reasons. I usually use IE because it seems to load faster. But Firefox has a plug-in called WebVisum that solves (or tries to solve) Captchas for people with vision problems. So I use that when I need to fill out a form that's got a Captcha.


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I used to use Firefox a lot since IE tends to be so darn laggy for me, but lately Firefox keeps going to "Not Responding" whenever I use it, so I've converted to Google Chrome. It's simple, easy and shows me all of the pages I regularly visit as soon as it starts up, so I don't even have to type in anything to get to where I want to go.
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