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first counselling session tomorrow

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a little scared

so i can't sleep that well, i'm thinking about my counselling i have to go to tomorrow. i don't feel nervous or anxious. i'm not sure what's causing me the problem. it's for bereavement and at the moment i'm trying to cope with the loss of a parent and the emotional loss of a few friends. it's built up for a while... maybe i'm rambling too much.

i really wanted to ask how your first counselling sessions went and how long you've been going for?


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I'm going for a visit to mine tomorrow as well, I'm nervous.
Unfortunately, all of my visits have been fruitless so far, I suggested to him that this time, I write out my feelings to him as I always freeze up when seeing him in the face.
Best of luck to you and I'd like you to know that in this field, you have to have a lot of patience and someones you may have to see several counselors before finding the right one for you. Good luck!!! :biggrin:
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