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  1. endlessskies58

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    sometimes... i feel like i will never know true love again... i got my one shot and now its over... i've only loved once... and now i've been single for a year... i really don't feel like i will find anyone like my first love... i will always want him...

    i don't even understand how he could be in another relationship... we felt like the couple who would only love each other... him only me and i only him... i still only love him... highschool sweethearts... each other's first EVERYTHING... i've still only been with him...

    i don't understand... i can't just be with anyone... i will not treat love like a game or something to keep me from feeling lonely... but because of that, i feel like i will never meet someone i will truly love again...

    what is it like to fall in love again? is it different? does it feel the same? is it worth it?......
  2. jameslyons

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    It doesn't feel as jumpy as the first love, but you find yourself more articulate about what you want. So as nice as first loves are, there's something really secure in relationships afterwards. There's something deep and comforting in them.
  3. Reki

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    When a good relationship ends it's natural to feel like there will never be another like it, that it isn't possible because there's only one of that person in the world and the memories you guys made can't be made with anyone else. The next relationship you have won't feel the same but that doesn't mean it won't feel as good, it might feel even better. The third try at love was my favorite, I loved her and probably always will. No matter how rough it might seem to start anew, people will always surprise you.
  4. endlessskies58

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    thank you both!


    that makes me feel a lot better :)
  5. SadDude87

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    It will happen again. Enjoy that you were able to give yourself to someone, to feel love, show it, & have it reciprocated. It must have been great. I'd kill to have the courage to give myself to completely & utterly give myself to someone.

    If you've already got the courage to do this, you'll get hurt again... but I promise you'll find someone else.... and once again feel the joy of sharing yourself with another person who loves you back.
  6. Marshmallow

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    I can relate to you on some of the things your posted. It's always hard to loose your first love. The first time you fall in love its amazing ... a feeling you've never felt before and it's only natural that it hurts like hell when it does go wrong. In my opinion all love is different. I don't think you can classify falling in love as 'this' or 'that' because it varies from person to persona and relationship to relationship. It will take time to get over him but it will get easier in time. You will find someone who is right for you and you will love again. It will just take time.

    I wish you the best.
  7. mdmefontaine

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    first loves are special..... but to me, at this LATE point in my life, it is most amazing to me that i still have the capacity to love anew. each time you meet someone in your life, a friend, or a lover, , , your heart expands, when you LOVE them.

    love IS the most important thing. just my 2 cents. . . from an aging lady with a young heart. ... wishing you all the best :heart:
  8. LostSpirit

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    Iv been in your position, iv felt how you have, i was with my ex for 4years, we split up over 2 years ago ( in a nasty way ) which broke my heart, in a matter of weeks, he had found someone else, within a month had moved in with her, now they have a child together, now me on the other hand, just was'nt interested in anyone else, my heart was broken, yeh i had dates but i would compare everyone to him, so for the next 2 years, i stayed single, i was so lonely, but i glad i had that time i needed that to get over him, i met the guy im with now, at the end of november, i truly believed i would never ever love anyone as much as i did my ex, but you no what ? i was so wrong, the guy im with now has shown me more love in the couple of months we have been together then my ex ever did, he is everything i could ever want in a man, and it was worth the 2 yr wait, i know i have found my soulmate, and it will last, now my ex, is having trouble with his gf at the moment, i just no that will end in tears, but after all this time i can finally say im happy and so in love like never befor,

    so yes it is worth the wait, you will love again, but most of all you will find someone who will love you just as much as you do them

    of course you will not forget your first love, i will never forget mine, but instead of letting the past eat away at me, i cherish the good times we had together, but thats all

    for now concentrate on you

  9. Aaron

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    Initially it has always felt the same for me....sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it's not.

    Falling in love again
    Never wanted to
    What am I to do?
    I can't help it. :smile:
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  10. endlessskies58

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    thank you so much all of you! this has made me feel so much better! thank you! and lost spirit, your story has touched me so much. it gives me hope to hear someone who was in my situation and is now happier than before. you don't even know how much hearing that helped.


    i love you all
  11. Angelo_91

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    never leave your heart in someones hands