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First post I'm lost

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Even here I feel lost. I just got here and it's confusing. I have a complicated history. I have speech problems. I hope they understand me. I have encephalopathy. I don't bother to talk much. But so many feelings in my head. I am adult but I don't act adult. I have many confusing illness my family care of me or leave me home alone. I don't like it alone. I am scared of leaving. Scared of dying but a I know a plan I can perform. I believe in God. Maybe heaven is very good. I want to be there. It is very hard here. No one listen to me. I am too much work. I'm too sick like dead already. Maybe I am. I never life of healthy. Feel confused sleepy. I will come back tomorrow when I wake up. I wish friends and encouragement. I don't know what to do. Sad if a lot of people are like me. A sad thought to cry. I hope everyone good. Nice to meet a new friend. Love! Thanks a welcome! Sorry! Tired!
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Welcome. Nice to meet you again. I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through so many hardships. You take care. I understood your post.. thanks for the introduction.
I create two groups. I don't know about groups though. Explore the site. Now I sleep.

Social Disability: Difficult communicate with and make friends because social disability. Inclusive of speech problem, brain injury, dementia, autism, asperger, encephalopathy, cognitive disability, adhd, learning disability, selective mutism, intellectual disability, etc.

Terminal Illness: Suicidal thoughts in terminal illness and or chronic illness.
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