First, second and third days.

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  1. The first day

    Resisting was hard,
    but the temptations soon disappeared,
    I drowned them in liquid,
    for the hunger to leave.

    As the hours went by,
    exercising, I did,
    for hours on end,
    for the fat, the calories to rid.

    As night soon came,
    I fell fast asleep, with only one sound,
    a stomach growling,
    but a proud mind.

    The second day

    Waking in hunger,
    a monster in my stomach,
    stepping out of bed,
    with dizziness surrounding.

    Arriving downstairs,
    I peek in the fridge,
    the food awaits,
    but I won't let it win.

    Exercises, I do,
    repeatively and more,
    stopping for water,
    but returning,
    regardless I'm sore.

    That evening my mum returns,
    asks 'Want to come food shopping'?
    I think about it for long,
    and decide to come along.

    Looking and staring,
    all around me,
    the temptations of food,
    I wish they'd leave.

    Returning home,
    putting the food away,
    trying to resist,
    to bed I astray.

    Sleeping with the hunger,
    my heart beating fast,
    shaking, my hands,
    the day is over,
    at last.

    Day three

    Awake, I am,
    stepping out of bed,
    falling to the floor,
    the dizziness took over,
    grabbing to the door,
    pulling myself up,
    I take a deep breath,
    and prepare myself,
    for the day ahead...
  2. emma-louise

    emma-louise Guest

    -hugs tight- That's really good but sad .. i hope you're okay honey, i'm here if you need me
  3. sudut

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    Live. Laugh. Ride. Smile. Cry. Love. Jump. Make mistakes. Get dirty. Dream. Goals. Passions. Look on the bright side. Be happy. Be yourself.
  4. ... yeah, that's my signature, so what? It's for others, not exactly for me.

    And thanks emma.
  5. Petal

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    Really good, :hug:
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