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First thread n stuff

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by FriendlyPoison, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. I'm just searching for a place to let out my thoughts. I don't know why I feel that miserable for like three years now. I don't know what do do in my future, my grades are getting bad and life seems so hard and I feel so worthless. I'm so DAMN scared of school, summer break will be over in two days. I don't have a right to feel that bad, I have a much better life than so many others. But this thought just makes me feel more miserable. Just wanted to say. I'm tired. I just don't know anymore. Well, just one more depressed teen on this world I guess :v
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi there and welcome to the forums,

    If you're looking for help, support in a friendly environment you have come to the right place. How old are you may I ask? Does your school have a counsellor that you could possibly talk to? You can leave all your thoughts out here, no one here will judge you. Vent.rant.talk all you want. You are here for a reason, believe that :) People who have depression often talk about how tired they are so maybe you just need to reach out for professional assistance? I wish you the best of luck on your journey to recovery!
  3. I'm 17, I don't post my actually birthday here though. I don't know if I am actually depressed. I mean, it's there for like three years... I talked to teachers who said I should change the way live, like going out more often and after school activities and such stuff. But I can't. And these chats just showed me how boring my days are. It's li, e I'm going g in circles. Nothing really helps me out
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I see. You feel like your lifeis going nowhere. Is there anything you want to study when you finish school? Anything that stands out that interests you? There must be something! Why can't you do the after school activities, are you too depressed or have social anxiety? Please tell us more and we will try our best to help you, I think seeing a counsellor would be worth it also.
  5. I don't think, that I can study after school. And I really like to draw and kind of want to study illustration. But when I think of it I think I'm not good enough. I don't think I have enough power left to hang in to make my grades better. I just draw my little manga pictures though. I'm really shy and my self confidence broke. In the last three weeks I even didn't want to meet my friend. And then I was scared. Like "what, if she's mad at Me? She definitely is! "
    Just things like this And some other little problems that keep me depressed. I got a bad tooth issue, and it is to late to get that fixed, I believe. I decided to go to a dentist, but I'm damnscared. Little Things like this are enough to make me depressed like hell. I'm eating sick of all this, so I landed here... to find Help? Well I should go to bed, but I want to spend my ime here.
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Try. If you can't you can't. But give it a try, you never know! :) give yourself a chance

    Did she end up being mad in the end? Maybe she was mad and if she was let it be..these things happen and will happen in return one day I bet.

    You might be able to save it if you gather up the courage to go to the dentist on time. It's just a few needles and you won't feel anything. I need my teeth doing as well and have an appt this week but the dentist doesn't bother me. Please gather the courage up and go before it is too late to save the tooth.
  7. I messed it up already, I should've fixed it a longer time ago. I needed this chain thing, they use to move your tooth in an order (don't know the word, sorry) When I asked my parents they told me I didn't wanted that at this time. I just was a kid, they should've old me that this will be helpful... but they didn't
    I will talk to them about this tomorrow. I feel kind of ugly with this deformed tooth of mine. The second teeth grew right over the first, and now I have both of them. Looks really crazy, but my face looks ok, when I don't open my mouth tho. It doesn't bothered me that much in the past, but today I was like "he'll, I just have to do something"

    And I can't tell if she actually was mad at me for not meeting her. The main problem is, tat I just feel bad for everything I do. But I didn't do something bad.

    And if will be able to study will the future showing me, I guess. I try my best anyway. I have no choice at the moment.
  8. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Ah braces you mean to keep the teeth aligned. Is it too late to get them now? Is it the cost of them that is the problem? I'm sorry, I know what it is like to dislike your looks but hopefully you can sort something out soon.

    I know it's easy for me to say this but really don't feel bad for everything you do, you haven't done anyone any harm so try and stay calm about it hun. You seem like a really nice person I must say.

    Good luck for your future studies, hope you get to study something you like, what are your grades like in school? I hope you begin to feel better soon and hope that talking here helps you :)
  9. Well, I don't actually now if there is a way to nearly fix this.... but it is very damn late. So it is maybe already to late.

    Thank you so much.
    And at e moment my grades are ok, but that is only because I had good grades in the first half of the last year. It will get moreddifficult next year, they say. I really hope that I can make it somehow

    And thanks again for your answers, I never thought that I can get that much help so fast! And I hope you will have a good time too. You're a kind person, there should be more helpful people like You!
    Now I need some sleep. It's almost 2am over here ^^"
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  10. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    Hello Friendly, I am Mox,

    Thank you for joining us at SF and sharing part of your story. The more you share the more we can help you. That is how SF "works" we share what is going on with us. People will rally around you trying to give you ideas. You are with friends. I invite you to read my personal story in green below; and know you are not alone in how you feel. You are not alone in your pain and suffering. Everyone here has been through their own personal Hell. While you are here no one will ridicule you or make fun of you in any way. That BS is not tolerated here at SF. I came across SF because I was looking for ways to hurt myself. So I am going to ask you bluntly, are you feeling suicidal? If you are not; that is great. If you feel like you are in danger of hurting yourself, you will take yourself to the nearest ER and get the help you need. There is no shame in how you feel. There is no shame in getting help. At SF we will give you emotional support and lots *hugs.

    My friend, and yes we are friends, what has happened to you for you to feel this way?

    My friend, something has happened to you that has hurt you very deeply.

    Do you have a good support system in place? like your family/friends? If you have been depressed for three years, then you need to go see a doctor and get the help you need. Mental illness is a lot like a physical illness, if you get sick you go to the doctor and they help you get better. Mental illness operates the same way. I really feel like a therapist could really help you out a lot. Maybe see a psychiatrist and get some medication to help you feel better and less depressed. The medication can help you take control of your depression versus the depression taking control of you.

    If you have something that is bothering you and you wish to talk in private. By all means send me an PM/IM and I will help you the best way I can. Even if just want to rant and you don't have a place to let it out at ; you do now.
    I want to help you.

    Take Care
  11. First of all: Thank you, that made me feel better a lot

    I just don't know, why I am this scared.I think it s lle this ecause my grades are getting worse and worse. Well, at the moment it is ok, but I think it won't last long.
    I got bullied in the past, I think that is why my self confidence broke. But this isn't bothering me in any way. We moved away and I visited a new school. Now everything should be fine. There is a group of girls who seem not to like me and my friend, but they don't do anything yet.

    well, I once told my mother. I was so eye depressed that day, I was orally lost. They first stood there and called me crazy. I didn't want to talk to them, but they didn't let of me. So I told them everything. But they didnt do something though. I think they thought it's maybe over

    I don't know, I think nobody is taking me seriously. I often say dumb things, and my friends make fun of me, i know they don'tmean it that way, but it is not cool. I don't feel like talking to them about my problems. Especially my friend, when I tell her something that is bothering me a little she tells me her problems like "duh, shut up, I'm feeling worse" I really want to help her, when something is bothering her, and there were moments she was really listening.

    I don't feel like going to to a doctor. There are persons in school for mental health of students. When I talked to her I felt even worse in the end. So I don't know...
  12. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    Hi, Me again =)

    I want you to promise me that if I say anything wrong or you don't feel the same way, you will correct me. I promise not to get mad at you or yell at you. I am the most patient person you ever met. Sound fair?

    Can you see a tutor to improve your grades? They are clearly very important to you. I feel like if your grades got better, you would feel better and that would relieve some of the stress you are feeling.

    Sounds like it was pretty serious, if they broke your self confidence. Maybe it is bothering you more than you realize. Tell me more about this, please. If you ever want to chat in private just send me a PM ok?

    I'm sorry your parents were not more supportive of you and how you feel. How you feel is very important to me. Depression is a very serious illness that you can not ignore; or it will take over your life. You are way to young and smart to let that happen to you.

    I understand where you are coming from with this. Saying dumb stuff is fine, I would much prefer you to say dumb stuff than to not say anything at all. Social skills are like any skill they take practice, the more practice the better. You will get better with this over time. Just need to find a bit more of self confidence there, but I think you will be fine.

    I am confused with this, maybe you can clear it up for me ok? Did you see a mental health person at your old school or your new school? If you saw someone at the old school and they didn't help you like you wanted to be helped. That is ok, sometimes finding the right person takes time. Will you give your new school mental health person a chance? Maybe she will be able to help you better.

    I care about you and what you are going through. Your are not alone any more. Got it!!

    Take Care
  13. Sounds fair :D It's great to write in here. To share my problems with others.

    I just have to learn more for school, I think. But there was no motivation. Maybe I can handle this in the future.

    And I really am over that bully. He is an idiot and when I meet him I'm definitely not going to be scared. I guess he's more like an adult today. I forgave him.
    And I learned that that I never meet my classmates again, when I don't want to. But to talk to others is still hard ^^" I am able to hold simple conversations, talking to others is not that problematic. My only problem is going to someone and just start talking. Or talking in front of my class ^^"

    I don't meant to confuse you ^^" my fault. I had a meeting with such a person this year, before that I had a meeting with my teacher. They were very very kind (especially my teacher, he's a cool guy xD) But the tips they gave me, gave me the feeling that I'm doing not good with my lifestyle. But at the moment I'm not able to change it that way. I think I should research how professional doctors work. Well, I never told teachers about my "depression" or... Other feelings I have.

    And I really enjoy talking to you, you're really helping me. to sign in was a good choice :)
  14. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    That was a very mature and emotionally healthy thing you did. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!

    I understand completely ; I always hated talking in front of the class myself. I think your going to be fine.

    I am glad you like your teacher; that will help you improve your grades. That will improve your self-confidence.

    I'm sorry you lost me on this one. What kind of tips?

    Do you mean your anxiety or something else bothering you? If so, please share away =)
  15. Flaxney

    Flaxney Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you could try learning the Pomodoro technique? http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/the-pomodoro-technique-is-it-right-for-you.html - it might not work for everyone though. Use your phone or some other silent timer if the ticking sound is a distraction. As cliched as it is, you are still young and have time to cultivate interests. For learning other languages you could try https://www.duolingo.com/, and http://www.thebookoflife.org/ has plenty of information regarding the humanities.
  16. Uh, sorry, could you explain that Stuff? I don't get it.
  17. They gave me tips for activities I could do after school and such stuff. To find something I like. I don't know how to explain that exactly, but they didn't help me with it. They gave me the feeling that I have to change all situation all by myself, but I can't. It's They not that big problem though, I just feel like before. I thank them anyway.

    Well, it's about that suicidal stuff. That is why I am here. But I'm not able to do such a thing yet. Because there is no way to die complete without pain, I think.

    Do you mean your anxiety or something else bothering you? If so, please share away =)[/QUOTE]
  18. Oops, didn't want to quote something, I hope I didn't confuse you ^^"
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