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first time.

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hi, I dont know what im expecting but i just need to someone to hear me.
im a 25 year old man My family moved to another state when i graduated from high school and i stayed back for 4 years with my best friends in the world, after missing them too much i moved near them. its been 3 years and my friends back home all moved on with their own lives and families and phone calls and visits seem so awkward. I never knew my father growing up and i dont have a strong relationship with my mother, she has her own issues. but i know that my family looks down on me for being alone all the time. even my 13 year old brother thinks im a loser because i dont have a women and hes expressed it many times (not in anger). i have a serious problem with women, I am an over emotional person and no women wants to deal with them or me bottleing them up all the time. I would like to find a girl but thats right for me but they all want a confident man which is the last thing that i am. I honestly believe i am attractive and i make decent money but this doesnt help me feel any bit of happiness at all. i've learned to keep to myself because it seems im surrounded by shallow people who just want to put everyone down. I really dont know who i am and i dont know how to figure it out. i dont really enjoy life and suicide just makes so much sense, i tell myself ill never do it because I would never want to hurt my family like that but it seem thats the only way i will ever have peace.


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Hi and welcome...I do not agree that women do not want a sensitive man...in fact, many women find that very attractive...maybe if you went into a relationship not discounting yourself in that way, and said that it would start as a friendship and see where it goes, you would take some of the pressure off of yourself, and you would be freer to explore what is there for you...welcome again and so glad you found us...J


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Hi there :hug:

:welcome: to SF. Sounds like you are in a difficult situation. Stick around you'll find others in the same boat who can support you.


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Maybe you should find a therapist who can help you with self esteem.. You sound like a pretty decent guy..There are women out there who appreciate a sensitive guy..Unfortuneately there are plenty of women who prefer the bad boy club..Keep your head up and keep your eyes open she is out there..


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Hi, I feel great compassion for your situation. I too am so confused about this life I am suppose to be living. I'm here if you want to talk. kmj221[/COLOR]
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