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First visit to psychiatrist?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by psycho13, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. psycho13

    psycho13 Member

    I have my first ever appointment with a psychiatrist on monday. Can anyone tell me what to expect?
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    They will ask you questions, about life, whats wrong, why do you feel this way, they may do a test, you may have to fill in paper work, or random mental tests, they may talk about medications, they will talk about your past and future, lots of stuff like that.
    If you need to know anything else, just ask :)

    NB: Do NOT tell them you are suicidal, if you do, tell them you do NOT know how you would kill yourself! I made that mistake and paid for it!!!
  3. psycho13

    psycho13 Member

    How does one pay if they tell them they're suicidal? It might seem weird, but I'm afraid I won't be able to convince them I'm depressed even though I've been going through it for three years, when I tried to explain it to my mother it was so hard to put into words.
  4. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    Most likely, they'd have you committed/sectioned/institutionalized/whatever. It's just not something I'd recommend to anyone, really, it might make you feel worse..Saying you're suicidal in itself isn't bad, but telling them if you have a plan or whatever is. Just..watch what you say around them, I guess.
  5. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Yes good point, I only went to the best clinic on town because I said I was suicidal and had the "means to do it".
    Sometimes I think we have to go to the extremes to get help.
    I mean tell a doctor your depressed and they'll probably just give you some drugs.
    At least a psychiatrist may probe into your mind. I'm just warning you about the suicide. If they know you are on edge they may tell the ppl around you...that could nevrer happen to me. I duno its up to you.
  6. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    I've seen a number of psychiatrists over the years. First, I would never tell one point blank that I wanted to commit suicide. If your reason for the visit is severe depression, state that. The shrink will most likely ask if you have felt suicidal. I find it helpful to spend some time making notes beforehand, as i would with any MD or other professional, and take the notes with me. Otherwise, after the session one realizes there were important topics to be discussed which were not covered. Assess the shrink as you are being assessed. Ask lots of questions. After all, it's your dime, not theirs. Wear a watch & keep track of time-you can bet they are! Don't be intimidated-many of them are so removed from the real world they could be on Star Trek. IF you feel you are being intimidated on purpose-it's not a good sign. Some of them have helped people, others have harmed people. For my money,I'd see a good therapist or LISW ,(Licensed in social work), any day over a psychiatrist. They deal w/ the same issues shrinks do, and while they can't prescribe meds, they can make recommendations on meds that your regular MD can prescribe & monitor. Never met a psychiatrist I liked or trusted-not to discourage; that has only been my experience.
    Good luck-hope it goes well:smile:
  7. psycho13

    psycho13 Member

    Well, just a general update, he seemed to be a pretty nice guy, diagnosed me with severe major depression, not much of a surprise, and wants to medicate. Yet again, not much of a surprise.