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    Your perch by your grey pond
    With your rod in one hand
    Cast out your sweet bait
    To lure your next mate

    Wind him in slowly
    Dont let him feel lonely
    You've had plenty of practice
    At this Courting mal-practice

    You have done it before
    Its never a chore
    The buzz and excitement
    The resulting incitement

    The lies and the dreams
    The promises she streams
    The thrill of the catch
    She will never match

    But whats in the water
    Another fish to the slaughter
    Cast another lure
    Its to be kill or cure

    So many fish, so little time
    What did the first taste like
    A sympathy strike

    Put down the rod
    And take the time
    To think of the fish
    Who committed no crime.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.