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    Not sure where this goes. I found a hobby that helps stem some anxiety. Aquarium keeping. It's very soothing to watch fish go about their life. It took lots of time learning, which was a welcome break from boredom.

    Learning about diferent species, diferent styles, keeping plants, checking water chemistry. It's designing a world really. Having so many lives depend on you to do basic things everyday, it's hard to ignore.

    Granted it's hard when things come up, but it's good to have an issue you can fix. There's always improvements, mantienece, new styles, new fish, new tanks. But it's been very rewarding. I love my fish, and seeing them cluster the glass to say hi never gets old.

    It took lots of planning, and work. But, I created something no one else has. That's the real draw. Think of the plan, get the supplies, get your fish settled, then buy another betta. Those faces are just unfair.
  2. Petal

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    I had never thought about getting an aquarium before, thanks for sharing this with us. I have had birds in the past and that didn't end well maybe something like this is for me :) I will think on it :)
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    That's very nice :) I'm glad you found something very cool to do I have fishes too they're so cute I take good care of them , keep it up and good luck on making more good plans :D
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    That's a good hobby Lorax, I used to have a couple of tanks many years ago and it's very relaxing designing the environment and seeing the finished product. Also just watching them is peaceful.
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    The one down side would be it can run a bill. My betta sorority drained around $6-800. But that was constantly redoing it. You can build one pretty cheap. If you want to learn, I can offer some basic info. Or try fish forums. Granted I do high risk tanks, so I would start you on tetra or betta. Got my friend a betta tank, and he's in love.
  6. Lorax

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    It's very peaceful. I just have terrible luck with keeping plants planted. I'm going to buy a bunch of potted ones. My 5G is empty now, so I want to try a nano build. I am trying to learn about putting a bonsai in. Then either shrimp, or a small betta.
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    Yes, I had a problem keeping live plants too, when I had my tanks. I had a 30g and 5g I eventually gave up on the plants and just used the fake ones. I love the Betas and used the small tank for one of those, the 30g I had two red oscars, they were like pets, they'd come to you for food lol amazing fish. It's an excellent hobby.......I used to love just having the tank lights on at night, great way to relax. I had a friend too that got into salt water , but that was too expensive and high tech for me.
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    I can keep them alive, even though one is a low light. I think the lack of substrate can't hold the roots. Or my cories bump them. My bettas like hiding in the floating ones though. I have lots of fish, so the plants are helping till I can get a canister filter. I saw a sweet coral 29G cube kit for $300. But I prefer fresh water species. Might try coral when I have space/time. The low light has 1 angel, 2 male betta, 5 neon tetra, 6 glow light tetra, 5 cory.
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