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    [Warning; May be insulting towards the Islamic religion, Jews and possibly more groups of people.]

    As some may know, Dutch politician Geert Wilders had made a film about the Islam. Or more like, against the Islam.
    Here is some information about the entire thing.

    Link to the film:
    Fitna - The movie with english subtitles.

    I would like y'all to share your opinions about it here.


    I myself do not like Geert Wilders. Never have, and this film doesn't exactly make me think any higher of him, so to say.
    As a matter of fact I find it rather disturbing that he has the guts to make that film, insinuating that all those horrible things which the film shows, are justified by the Quran. It seems like he's trying to convince the world that all muslims are terrorists and evil people.
    I agree with him on the fact that the Netherlands are accepting too many foreigners into the country, and that there's always been too much toleration if it comes to immigration and all. Sometimes I feel like the Dutch people are adjusting to the needs and cultures of the people who move here rather than the other way around (which is the way it's supposed to be imo).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.