Flash (written about a year ago...)

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  1. Songie

    Songie Well-Known Member


    Eyes averted
    Look to the floor
    Mind-numbing fear
    Run for the door

    His face
    Everywhere you look
    Images flash
    Of everything he took

    An innocent touch
    And the images are back
    Beating at your mind
    Until you crack

    Your heart beats fast
    Hands shake
    Try to hide it
    But a smile you cannot fake

    Run from your shadow
    Hide from your friend
    Seclude yourself
    Wait for your mind to mend

    Numb outside
    Screaming inside
    Needing to talk
    Not knowing in whom you can confide

    Feel it again
    Every touch, all the fears
    The humiliation
    The tears

    Tear at your skin
    Rip away his touch
    Knowing it won’t work
    But wanting it so much

    Memories of bruises
    And lying on your back
    Mindless terror
    In the form of a flashback.

  2. triggs

    triggs Account Closed

    :hug: this is amazing hun
    very well written and flows brilliantly
  3. Songie

    Songie Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I wrote it trying to explain to one of my friends what I went through when i had flashbacks...
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