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They are taking over my brain at the weirdest times. I feel like I am remembering more from the abuse coming at me in random bursts. I don't know where this came from and I'm scared. I can just be sitting there and then bam! a flashback. It's making me crazy, especially one in particular but I am too ashamed of it to share to anyone :(


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Hiya, you don't have to share anything that you are uncomfortable sharing but maybe you build up enough confidence to say it to a trusted therapist? Flashbacks are tough to deal with especially when they have no triggers, I'm sorry you are feeling the way you are and hope these thoughts tame down for you. You're an awesome person, you don't deserve to be feeling this way.


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@Petal Thanks for your kind words. I haven't been in therapy for a little while. My last therapist wasn't too helpful to me. Basically just pushed medication instead of listening to what I wanted. Not that I am against medication but she was saying it like it was a cure all. I have different insurance so now going to see a therapist is really costly. I'm trying to find a place with free short term services or a sliding scale.

Right now feeling a lot of anxiety because I don't know when the next flashback is going to hit :(
I am so sorry you are going through this. It has to be difficult facing these flashbacks with no warning. I hope you are able to find a counselor who can guide you through this time and these flashbacks. Is it possible to look to local churches for counselling? I know there are times when they offer this service at little or no cost. You definitely do not deserve to feel this anxiety.....Praying for you.....
You're welcome, hoping you can find some help. At least someone you can trust to confide in, I can imagine is has to be very difficult to even talk about the subject. It would probably be of great relief just to have someone who you can hash out all the emotions with... Prayers....
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